Understanding Protection and Grounding of Yourself

Understanding Protection and Grounding of Yourself

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By Karen Murray from GraysEncounters Paranormal

How to Protect Yourself                                                          

If you are sensitive and need to protect yourself, you can place yourself in an Embilence of Light. By imagining that a bright Golden White Light surrounds you, you can protect yourself from intense or non-nurturing subtle energies, ghost or mental attacks. This technique works in most cases.

What is the Aura?

First, to protect yourself, you must understand what it is that you are protecting and what is used for protection.

The aura, or what others call the “sacred space,” is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and encompasses the atmosphere of every living thing. The “auric shell” comprises various layers, each one distinct but interconnected within the shell. The aura has often been referred to as a “halo” and is depicted in religious paintings especially paintings of Jesus, saints, and angels.

The aura encompasses the essence of the living being it surrounds, and it projects the thoughts, desires, and also the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of the individual. A person’s innate spiritual gifts are clearly defined in the aura. For instance, a gifted psychic may see brightly colored musical notes above a person’s head only to find out later that the individual is involved with music in some way or has a knack for music. Not only is the aura an energy that envelops you, but it penetrates your being as well. The aura is a colorful field of energy, and its colors represent your level of vitality, mental capacity, emotional well-being, and spiritual understanding. The dominant color represents the dominant part of your makeup. If you are very spiritual and compassionate, you will tend to have more green and purple in your aura.

We are all protected naturally by our auric shell, but at times this shell can wear down if not properly protected. Cracks and holes can appear in it. All sorts of psychic energy, ghostly or otherwise, can enter through these cracks and holes. Anyone can overdo something and not be aware of losing energy. A weakened and unhealthy aura can also be the result of drug overuse, alcohol abuse, constant negative thoughts and beliefs, and fearful and angry emotions. Also, if you are around negative locations and negative people, then you are susceptible to losing energy.

Finally, a variety of illnesses and diseases can deplete the aura. It is important to remember that our thoughts and emotions affect our auras first and manifest lastly in our physical bodies. We should be mindful on a daily basis of reinforcing the strength of our auras through prayer, meditation, and positive visualization. These methods are the most effective ways to repel and fight off any disturbing energies.

The Chakras

The Chakras

Grounding and Balancing Your Energy

It is important to be centered and well-grounded before beginning any sort of protection meditation or visualization. It is very common to have more energy in one part of your body and not enough in another part. Doing this exercise will help you to create a balanced and steady flow of energy so that you can maintain an energetic awareness of your body.

Sit in a chair with your spine straight against the back of the chair. This will ensure a proper energy flow up, down, in, and out of the various energy centers, or chakras. Close your eyes and place your awareness in the middle of your head on your third-eye chakra. Be aware of how your body feels.

Breathing is one of the most important elements in any exercise. The breath is your cleansing filter. It is important to realize that when you inhale, you are taking in new energy, and when you exhale, you are letting go of used energy.

Place your awareness on the soles of your feet. Imagine that your feet are like tree trunks and that roots extend from the soles of your feet downward into the ground right to the center of the earth.

Next, imagine a tube that goes from the base of your spine through the ground to the center of the earth. This tube will be used for the release of any excess energy in your body that you no longer need or want.

As you breathe in, imagine the green, nurturing Mother Earth energy coming up through the roots of your feet and into your legs, pelvis, stomach, and heart.

As you exhale, let go of any excess energy you may feel in your body through the tube that is attached to the base of your spine. See this excess energy as gray or brown, and let it flow down the tube and into the earth.

After several breaths in and out, imagine the bright golden light of the Sun hovering several feet above your head. This light represents the cosmic energies. As you inhale once more, let the golden rays of the light come through the crown chakra at the top of your head and down your body through your head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, and finally into the heart center. As you envision the earth energies and the cosmic energies coming together, feel them blending in your heart.

Protection Exercise 2:  Recognizing Energy and Ghostly Attachments

A woman once complained to an international psychic that nothing in her life was going right. “What’s wrong with me?” she asked. The psychic took one look at her aura and told her, “It’s not what’s wrong with you, it’s who’s wrong with you. Whose energy are you carrying around with you that is impeding your space and influencing your choices?” Anyone who thinks of you or with whom you interact can leave an indelible impression in your aura. It could be your husband, wife, mother, father, child, employer, employee, or neighbor. Most of these energies are harmless, but some may be a source of physical and emotional aches and pains. This next exercise will help you get rid of these parasitic energies.

Start with the grounding and balancing exercise. Remember to keep a steady breathing pattern when doing this exercise.

Next, imagine that you are standing behind yourself, looking at your body. As you look at your body, become attuned to the space surrounding it. What does this space look and feel like?

With your mind’s eye, visualize a blank white screen in front of you. This screen is surrounded by a garden of colorful tulips.

Special energy vision goggles are plugged into the screen. Take the goggles and place them over your eyes. These goggles are able to detect energetic intrusions.

As you stare at the screen with your goggles, scan your body and the space around it from the top of your head on down. Make sure to take your time. Do not rush through this step. Some energy is harder to detect than others.

While you scan, notice whether there are certain areas of the body and aura that appear dense, as if some type of matter is attached. When you see these pockets of clumped energy, ask the energy to identify who or what it is. The answer will appear on your screen. If it is the energy of a particular person, you will see his or her face projected on the screen. If it is a ghostly attachment, you should see something projected on your screen. The ghostly attachment could be a person’s figure or a dark mass. If the energy is leftover from a particular event or situation, the event will appear on the screen. This step is vital in removing the energy from your space.

As you identify the energy on the screen, mentally command this energy to leave your space.

Next, imagine the unwanted energy is being absorbed by the tulips in your garden. As it goes into the tulips and back into Mother Earth, it is transmuted into love.

If the energy turns out to be an uninvited ghost, then mentally send the ghost a message that it has passed out of the physical world and needs to return to its spiritual home. Tell the ghost to ask for a loving relative to come and take it into the light. If the ghost is cooperative, it will be met by a loved one who will help it cross over to the light. Remember that without your energy, an earthbound ghost loses power and cannot stay in your space unless you allow it.

Protection Exercise 3:  Getting Back Your Energy

Have you ever felt totally exhausted at the end of the day even though you didn’t do much to feel so tired? Your fatigue may be a sign that you have given away a lot of your energy to people, places, and situations. When you feel depleted, you are out of balance, and your well-being suffers. The following exercise will help you get back the energy you gave away.

Sit in a comfortable chair in a place where you will not be disturbed.

Begin with the grounding and balancing exercise.

Close your eyes. Go back to the beginning of your day from the time you got out of bed. Remember everything that happened during your day, the people you spoke to, the places you spent time in, and so on.

Make sure you focus only on one person and situation at a time. As you see the situation in your mind’s eye, be aware of the conversations you shared in person, over the phone, or even through e-mail. Be aware that with each conversation, or even by merely thinking of someone, you left a bit of your energy behind.

Next, remember your words and thoughts and see them leaving the person and situation and returning to you.

Imagine this energy entering the crown chakra at the top of your head. Envision it as gold stardust coming into your space and filling you with renewed energy.

Quick and Easy Protection Techniques: 

The Shower of Light

Most people wake up every morning and don’t think twice about taking a shower or bath to cleanse the physical body. Well, if you can also get into the routine of cleansing your spiritual body while in the shower, then you can start your day clearer and lighter. As you stand under the shower, close your eyes and imagine the water turning into a waterfall of white light. See the white light flowing through your entire body from your head to your feet. As the white light flows, it washes away psychic debris and stagnant energy. This unwanted energy flows through your fingertips and toes and right down the drain. At the same time, fresh, clean, powerful energy takes its place. As an added bonus of protection, see this white light surround your entire auric shell, sealing up any cracks and holes so that no harmful energy can intrude into your space.

The Reflective Mirror

This is an exercise to do before entering a place where there may be negative energy and you want to protect yourself from people’s thoughts and feelings. Imagine that a 360-degree mirror surrounds your entire body. The reflective side points away from you and therefore shields you. When any thoughts come your way, the mirror will deflect them and they will be returned to their source.

The Cloak

When you want to go somewhere and remain anonymous, imagine that you are wearing a dark-colored cloak that covers your entire body from head to toe. You will be amazed by the results. No one will notice that you are around.

The Bubble

Imagine a large bubble completely surrounding you. Fill the bubble with your favorite colors, ones that represent and reflect your personality and make you feel loved. With each color, mentally say “This color protects me against any negativity that comes my way.”

The Pink Light

Whenever you are concerned about someone, like your child, and want to send him or her instant protection, see the person surrounded by a pink light. The color pink represents unconditional love. By envisioning this person in pink light, you are sending him or her love and protection.

Pink Aura

Pink Aura

Images provided by Sundeip Arora, Kimberly Vohsen, and miamiamia

To look at the July 2014 issue version of this article click on the title Understanding the Protection and Grounding of Yourself.

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