Survival Physics:  Part Five

Survival Physics: Part Five

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The “Quantum Wave theory of Gravity”

Gravity also needs an explanation. As each quantum wave passes the focal point, to make a wavicle, it then starts to spread out again travelling ultimately to infinite distance. As it goes it causes increase in the collision of primaries and so stimulates excess creation. Any massive object like the Earth or Sun consists of huge numbers of sub-atomic particles (wavicles) and each contributes a set of spherically expanding waves. These all add their contribution so that energy density gradients of the i-ther are produced obeying an inverse square law about any mass that appears to be their cause.

This mechanism was studied in detail and found to provide the explanation needed for the variable density predicted from the revised Newtonian theory of gravity. The “quantum-wave theory of gravity” had appeared and seems every bit as good in predictive power as general relativity. For example, starlight passing close to the Sun is deflected in this theory, half by the i-theic density gradient and half by the force of gravity. So an explanation has appeared showing why measurements, during solar eclipses, give double the light deflection predicted by the original Newtonian.

The source of the gravitational force itself may have already been identified by Aspden(8) as a residual of the force of electromagnetism, because on this basis he derives an accurate value for the gravitational constant. Since the electromagnetic force now appears abstract, from the present derivation, it follows that the force of gravity must also be abstract.

Observation has already supported this extended theory of everything

The picture that has emerged shows not only that the universe is most likely to be a deliberate creation of the mind. It also gives some detail of the way that creation is likely to have been achieved. It also follows that the mind, or consciousness, is likely to be part of the structure of the i-ther, having the potential to be immortal; not mere mortal brain function. In this way the new theory supports the main tenets of all religious faiths: that the universe was a deliberate creation and that an immortal soul could exist. There is no threat to physics. Indeed it now seems likely that its problems can only be resolved when these tenets are incorporated.

Experimental evidence for the survival of consciousness following bodily death has been accumulating for over a century, starting with the careful observations of Sir William Crookes FRS(9) reported in 1871. Other experiments involving physical mediumship were repeated and supported by more scientists of that era, including Prof. Charles Richet (France), Dr. Gustave Geley, Prof. Baron Von Schrenck-Notzing, Dr. W. J. Crawford and Dr. T. Glen Hamilton. Further support together with a preliminary etheric theory to explain it all came later from Sir Oliver Lodge FRS(10).

Recently the Society for Psychical Research has published confirmatory evidence. The Scole Report, written by Keen et al(11) in 1999, gives details of phenomena proving the survival of consciousness. 

Furthermore the new approach presents no threat to biology or to Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is likely that the first cells and their DNA were deliberately designed and created so that from then on natural selection could be relied upon to produce the diversity of biological life we see today. Indeed, some difficulties, such as missing links between species, can be provided with a plausible explanation. Each could have been a new design based upon older experience: just as our cars evolved from horseless carriages.

The elements of a comprehensive theory of everything are provided which opens an escape route for theologians wanting to find a way of jettisoning parts of ancient texts. I refer to those that encourage the murder and enslavement of non-believers. It is known that James I was responsible for inserting, “Never suffer a witch to live”. This allowed the mass burning of thousands of innocent people. Clearly other offending texts could also have been inserted for evil political reasons. These can now be discarded without undermining the desirable features of faith. It is these harmful texts on which fundamentalists rely to justify their violence against infidels. A major excuse for terrorism could be eliminated.


From a start made to solve a difficulty in the big bang theory, consciousness has been shown to have the potential of being immortal. If the brain is conscious as well, it cannot be the primary consciousness. The latter must still remain after the brain has died.

Since survival can be shown an essential and integral part of physics, the hope must be that the efforts still being made to discredit all evidence of survival will soon come to an end. This theory has achieved publication in Russian conference proceedings(1&2) of 1991 and 1993 respectively, and in the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Frontier Perspectives”(3) in 1997. Furthermore Prof. Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University, supported the theory during a joint broadcast on the Jeff Rense Radio Show in 2001. Pearson’s first book(12) on the subject contains certain features that were later superseded. The supplement(13) therefore also needs to be consulted. These are available from the website of M. Roll(14) and Ref.3 can be seen on the International Survivalist Society Jones website(15).

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