My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey

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When I was a child, about six or seven, a relative bought me a book on ghosts.  I seem to recall the book was aimed at young people and I tentatively opened it but, it scared me.  Over the next six months or so, I kept returning to this book picking it up, peeking inside, putting it down and running away.  One day, I thought “Enough of this.  It’s a book” and I picked it up and read it from cover to cover.  Although I didn’t realise it at the time, that was the start of a lifelong interest in the paranormal and the world of spirit.

From then on I wanted to see a ghost.  I wanted intangible proof that ghosts existed and in my head the only way for me prove this to myself was to see one.  I travelled around the UK visiting castles and old houses, going on ghost tours and desperately hoping that each place I visited, or tour I went on would give me the proof I desired.  Each time I came away disappointed.  Nothing had revealed itself, no candles mysteriously blown out and no noises or creaks.  I was becoming increasingly frustrated and sceptical in equal measures.  Life, or life beyond, was certainly nothing like the movies or ghost stories I watched and read.  I wanted to believe but the only evidence I could see was Hollywood special effects and the imagination of Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe and other writers of the genre.

In 2001 I met my wife, we became friends first and then in early 2004 we finally became a couple.  At this point I was at my most sceptical in relation to the spirit world.  My wife comes from a long line of psychic mediums.  Her grandmother was a fairly senior figure in the UK Spiritual Church, her mother is psychic as is my wife.  None of this I knew when we first met, however, on the day we agreed to move in together (about six weeks into our relationship!), she whispered words to the effect of “I see dead people” and I think I said something like “OK.  Don’t let them wake me up” as I turned over and went to sleep, thinking to myself that she had seen one too many films.  A few weeks after this event, my mother-in-law’s friend (another medium) was chatting to her and told her that “The spirit world is glad they have finally got together as they have moved heaven and earth to make it happen.  They were meant to be together a little while ago”.

In 2005 we got married and shortly after I was introduced to the world of Complementary Therapies when my wife started to train as a Hypnotherapist.  It was during our honeymoon to Sri Lanka that we had a brief introduction Ayurveda Medicine and this started my interest in therapies outside of Western Medicine.  Whilst she was training, I started to become interested in Crystal Therapies and how they can help to heal the body and this led to us both studying Reiki and becoming first Practitioners and then Reiki Masters.  It is said that being attuned to Reiki energy will change a person’s perception.  Sometimes it happens overnight and sometimes, like me, it takes a while.  With my first attunement to Reiki, my wall of scientism was slowly being broken down.

Firstly, I was using a crystal to communicate with my spirit guides.  Although I was limited to receiving a “yes” or “no” answer I was able to ask questions and receive answers that subsequently came true.  Although not 100% accurate, as you always have to allow for free will influencing the outcome of events, I had more correct answers than incorrect.

About 18 months after we got married, my brother-in-law also got married.  As he lived a considerable distance from us, we drove to the location and stayed in a hotel overnight.  Saturday morning I was driving my wife and I to the church where the ceremony was being held.  Driving along, I looked briefly into the rear view mirror and, to my surprise, I saw a man’s reflection looking back at me.  So I looked again but did not see anyone there so I dismissed it as a trick of the light and didn’t think any more of it.

Driving back to the hotel following the evening reception and driving along the same stretch of road as the morning, I started thinking about what had happened that morning and the more I reflected the more I was convinced I had actually seen someone despite knowing that there were only two of us in the car at the time.  We arrived at the hotel and went back to our room and I told my wife of the “incident”.  She was completely unfazed and after I described what the man had looked like she said “Oh yes.  That was my brother Stephen.  I knew he would be around today.”  This was the spirit of my late brother-in-law who had been killed some ten years prior to me meeting my wife.  So finally, I had seen a ghost.  (It wasn’t until a year or so later that I actually learned there is a big difference between a “ghost” and a “spirit”). A few days later my mother-in-law received a call from her medium friend asking how the wedding went.  She went on to say that “Paul had had a visit from Stephen as he wanted the family to know that he was around without upsetting them.  What Paul doesn’t know is that there were three spirits in the car with them at the time but they didn’t all want to appear at the same time in case it (a) made him crash the car and (b) he would have asked them for petrol money!”.  Some more layers of scepticism had been chipped away.

Over the next few years various things happened to me and although my psychic abilities were not as strong as my wife, they started to develop.  We were visited by various relatives, such as my late brother-in-law and my wife’s late grandmother, Ivy.  Usually, Stephen would make his presence known as there would be a strong smell of a well-known disinfectant solution that he regularly used during his life (and has a distinct and unique smell and is not something we have in the house).  Ivy, on the other hand, has been rather naughty.  On one occasion I was changing out of my work clothes and was standing in my underwear picking up my shirt from the floor.  As I bent over I felt fingers run down my naked back and my wife informed me that was Ivy saying hello.  She has also tugged on the back of my shirt when I was driving alone in the car.

In 2010 we rescued a dog, Blue, about whom I have written before.  I believe that she chose us (instead of the other way around) as she can sense things that I cannot.  She will let us know that we have spirit visitors.  Quite often she will look into the corner of the room and wag her tail at seemingly nothing.  We will then ask her who it is and ask if it is Ivy, Stephen, Grandma (my late mum) or Grandpa (my late dad) and she lets us know which one when she wags her tail at the relevant name.  Indeed I feel that on several occasions she has chased away negative entities hiding in the bushes at the front of our house as she has run at the bushes barking at nothing, or at least nothing I can see.

So where am I now on my journey?  Well I have seen my “ghost” and it was not at all scary like the younger me would have believed.  I have had other experiences that have slowly chipped away at the layers of being sceptical.  I now know that there is something after we leave this level of existence.  Even those who do not believe it (my late father-in-law is a good example of this.  He has made his presence felt despite not believing in the afterlife all of his life).  I have had experiences that cannot be explained away be mere coincidence. I know that I still have a degree of scepticism that will probably never go away but equally this is not a bad thing as there are a lot of people around that want to rip others off.  The “me” of 2003 is a long way from the “me” of now but there is still much to learn and improve on my abilities.

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