The Spiritual Journey of a Care Worker

The Spiritual Journey of a Care Worker

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by Hazel Bergman

During the war when the care worker was a young child, she had an alcove in her bedroom which had a curtain drawn across it where her mum had a statue in there. She does not recall what the statue was, but it gave her a strange feeling. She dreaded opening the curtain, but when she did so on one occasion, the statue had moved position and nobody had been in the room.  At the time, this made her very nervous as this was her first occurrence with the spirit world.  Not long after this event, her mother approached her to calm her down and told her not to not get troubled by things and if she did get upset to go and speak to her.

After this episode, things quieted down as if her mother had warned everything to stay away.  The next sensation that she remembered, which was in her teens, was when she was around people and she had the ability to assess their character very quickly determining their character traits.


Spiritually Aware

Thereafter, she had regular events which would occur such as astral planing where she would come out of her body whilst resting and would travel around to different places and although she cannot recall where she went does remember that it was extremely restful.

She would always experience incidents where she was aware of events that would happen before they had actually occurred and could recount all the details.

Our carer’s mother was a practicing medium and was a member of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (Belgravia).  Our carer firmly believes that her mother protected her throughout.

On her eldest son’s 19th birthday, he was on his way to a Kent University when his car was involved in an accident.  The carer was at work on night duty and could not leave; her husband made his way to collect his son and their daughter also made her way to where he was.  Whilst the carer was attending a Circle, she was informed that it was not her son’s time to go on this occasion.

In June 1993, our care worker was taking some residents from the psychiatric care home she worked at to Butlins Holiday Camp in Bognor Regis just after Father’s Day.  She was driving the van on this occasion when she was overcome with the smell of TCP which she was actually able to taste!  She mentioned this smell to the other members of staff who were present on the van and nobody else could smell anything.  The significance of this, however, is that it reminded her of her eldest son who whenever he cut himself would apply lots of TCP.  On arrival at Butlins, she got out of the van to check everybody into the resort and was overcome with an extreme feeling of sadness.  The next day she was very agitated and kept changing her clothing as she was not sure what she should be doing.  Also, one of the residents would not come anywhere near her and would keep backing away from her.  One of the staff in the evening said she was going to telephone about her daughter to see how she was and our care worker had no intention of calling her family to see how they were at this time but kept hearing a voice in her head saying “phone now”, “phone now”.  When she did telephone her husband answered the phone and said he had some bad news and our care worker immediately said the name of the eldest son which was confirmed by her husband who said that he had died abroad.

Prior to this, her daughter was having waking dreams where she was falling from the sky and she was landing in a pink place, and the people that were there was her grandmother who had already passed away and her brother.

Our care worker received a phone call just prior to Father’s Day that year as her son had got the time zones wrong and thought that everybody would be there, but in fact it was just our care worker.  He was asking how everyone was and seemed very happy.  Father’s Day was on 20th June, and the first thing her daughter asked was if we have heard from her brother, and if not why not as she had expected him to be in contact; she was very worried at this point.

Two days later, the police had arrived at their home and nobody was in, and rather than wait to tell them what had happened, they knocked on their neighbours’ door and told them instead.  Eventually, her husband came home, and the police then knocked on the door and he was informed his son was dead.  He tried calling his wife several times at the Butlins camp and left various messages for her to call.  Once he had spoken, he and his daughter who had returned from work at this stage after being called at her office to break the news made the journey to Bognor to collect her.

Her husband, who was a fire officer at the time, had been assigned as a liaison officer to assist the family during the difficult time.  The liaison officer assisted with emotional support for all members and also assisted in arranging financial support to bring the sons body back.  It was a difficult time not only because of the loss but the difficulty with arranging to bring her son’s body back from the Far East.

Her daughter had come to stay for a while as she did not want to be at home alone, and nobody could sleep during this time, so the family ended up playing snooker into the small hours which was also the son’s favourite game. The carer and the daughter both experienced the fact that there was somebody else in the room with them which was the carer’s son.  During this time, the youngest son wouldn’t sleep in his own bedroom and slept in the lounge with the daughter and actually saw his elder brother which scared him at the time as he had no idea about what was happening.

During the days and weeks that followed, she could feel herself going down a black hole of depression.  One day she was semi-asleep and she experienced the fact she was standing outside of her body looking down on herself and talking to herself as a patient. She said this was the most peculiar sensation, but this is what helped her to make her way out of the mental state she was in and to start to interact with other people, even returning to work.

Prior to his death, her other son had been walking in their local town when he had pointed out to our carer a lady that was walking on the opposite side of the road and said “you are going to be needing her later on”.

Approximately nine months after her eldest son had passed away, our carer started to notice that her spiritual energy was returning and wanted to seek some spiritual guidance.  She telephoned a spiritual church out of hours, and somebody answered and listened to what she had to say and said “I know who you need” and was given contact details to visit someone.  A couple of days later, she went to visit the spiritual medium who confirmed small details like her gran, her grandmother and gradually built up information to the point where she confirmed that her son was present and got the connection between her son and the Far East and was confirming things that he used to do that nobody would know.  After visiting this medium twice, the medium explained that although she could continue taking her money, she was not a fraudster and did not want to come across as one, but would see her at the church in a development circle and left our carer feeling more positive and put her in touch with a spiritual development group (Circle) which she attended with her other son.



On the first visit to the development group, they were taught how to relax and then how to ground themselves.  The group had someone who would take the group and one who would remain as a watcher to assist if anyone needed assistance.

At these meetings as it was an Open Circle there would be extra people who would come in for a meeting or to and some of these people generated some interesting events such as:

–          On one occasion, a lady arrived into the Circle who sat next to the watcher as this was what the watcher had requested and our carer sat two seats away.  Next, they were all being taken under and then our carer experienced a hobgoblin figure coming towards her with bright red eyes which she found very unpleasant, and she also recalls that there was horrible sulphur like stench which was very overpowering.  She remembers calling in her mind for her mother to come and help her.  The next thing she remembers is being like a baby carried along on clouds.  At this point, the watcher stopped the Circle and made sure that everyone had come out of their hypnotic state into an awakened state.  At the point our carer came round, she was the last one to come to because her mother was assisting to keep her calm until the visitor had been removed from the Circle and out of the Church.  She was then asked if she was okay and was asked to recall exactly what had happened.  None of the other members of the Circle were allowed to leave for a period of time to ensure the bad entity had left the building completely. Our Carer was warned not to open herself up between visits as they did not want anything untoward to happen without anybody watching and assisting.  In between this visit and the next visit the church members had investigated the visitor and found that she was dabbling on the dark side.

–          On another occasion, a young girl had joined the Circle and all members had gone under then a friend of the carer who was in the group had a feeling that something was not right and saw something that was not very nice coming towards her.  At this time, she received a message from the carer’s son informing her friend to “use it”.  Her friend then emitted a white circle of light that encompassed the entire circle assisted by the carer’s son to protect those that were in the circle.  This white light seemed to take the negative entity away with it and the friend heard this entity scream as it disappeared.  At this point, the young girl became very tearful but was still sending little balls of negative entities towards her friend in particular as she had eradicated the main negative entity.  Her friend could see what was happening and had to dispose of each of them as they appeared.  At this point everyone was brought round and the person in charge said “I don’t know what is going on but I see blood on my hands and I did see a big white cross going round the circle”.  The person in charge took the girl outside into the hallway and she never returned.

–          One day, several of the group had received an invitation from one of the Circle members to attend a local working men’s club (which just happened to be where the carer’s daughter was working) for a social evening. When they entered the bar, her daughter said to her what she was doing with that lady as she is not very pleasant which is a feeling she had had for some time; however, she was told not to worry as she was a member of the Circle.  However, later on at a Circle evening at the church, the lady who her daughter did not like had been seen to talk to new people that would attend ask them lots of questions, and then in a Circle session a few weeks later would retell their stories as if she had picked this up in the Circle session. Unfortunately, she was then given the opportunity to take healing and give healing sessions even though everybody knew what she was up to and therefore as this point our carer and her friends left.

After this our carer joined another Church, which was better organised, and the people who joined seemed to be vetted, and she never experienced the same negativity as the previous group.  Our carer continued with this group until she relocated to the coast.    Her husband recently passed away and is now looking to pursue her spiritual journey once more with her daughter and son-in-law.

Images provided by Shuttershock and Puiu Adriana Mirabella.

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