Signs from Spirit

Signs from Spirit

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Throughout my life I have had many signs from Spirit guiding me and sometimes jolting me into action over something.  I have recently moved house and the signs received in a short space of time were absolutely amazing.

Anyone who has the stress of moving will know that for it to run smoothly and you to get settled the other end is quite a feat.  In a short space of time, my husband was made redundant, I was taken quite ill, and we had to sell our little bungalow for which we had worked very hard.  Although my faith has never been doubted my human frailties were coming to the surface.  I had reached the end of my tether and appealed to my Dad who is in Spirit to help with the situation.  There is no miracle for anything.  We have our own personal responsibility of everything we do and say.  So my appeal for myself was coming out of a desperation of the time.  We have all been in such a place.

Within a week of the appeal we had a telephone call from the estate agent requesting for us to show two couples around the bungalow. One was in the morning, the other the afternoon.  This was not unusual you may say, but what was a “coincidence” was one of the couple’s name was the same as my maiden name and obviously my dear Dads’. They were due in the afternoon. The couple in the morning, we knew were not interested in the place as we were showing them around but, the gentleman had noticed a model of a Heavy Goods Lorry I had given as a Christmas present to my husband, who had driven these Lorries in the past.  This sparked a conversation between the two men and it transpired that the gentleman had worked for a company called Mitchell’s and Butlers for many years driving Lorries.  My Dad had worked for the same company from the time he left school until he retired.  At the time I thought of all the people to come and view the bungalow this man had come as a sign to say “Dad was on the case”!  The couple in the afternoon with my maiden name bought the bungalow.  My thanks to my Dad was abundant. We do forget to say thank you at times.  Each night before I go to bed I send out healing and thoughts to the many people and places that are in need.  But this thanks was heartfelt because we needed to move on and find somewhere to live.

We stored everything into a Storage Unit and “lived” in a Caravan for a short while. We didn’t want to hold up the sale and this seemed the logical thing to do. Prior to us moving out of our bungalow we had been hunting around for the right place for us to call home. My youngest Daughter had sent a link to a bungalow which was in a district seemingly too far out for us to consider.  A day was put aside when we decided to look around a couple of places with my oldest daughter but they were just not suitable, so we went back and sat having a cup of tea. I was mentioning this link we had had and said maybe it was too far out. Suddenly, my eldest Daughter, put down her cup and said “We have to go now, I feel it is the right place, but, we need to go now, maybe, just to see how far it is”.  Her urgency was infectious we just got in the car and drove to the place.

We had not made an appointment, the journey was really to see how far out this bungalow was and whether we could ascertain it was for us by looking at the district and the state of the place.  Well, as we arrived, there was another car waiting outside this bungalow and in a short while another car joined the queue, this held the estate agent.  We had arrived just as the agent was showing someone else around the bungalow!  The urgency my daughter had felt had certainly been a prompt from the Spirit World.  We are now residing in that bungalow, it was perfect for us but not the other couple.  We just happened to arrive at the right time to be able to see inside!

Throughout my many years I have come to realise that we are given help along the way.  Being the guidance is the key, often we go against this prompt and it doesn’t work out in the right way for us, but, going with our “gut” instinct or “knowing” will always work in our favour.  Spirit will give prompts or signs and it is up to us to watch out for them and heed them.  None of us is infallible and we certainly have our doubts but, Spirit will never let us down we just have to TRUST.

Many people will know this saying of mine which will make you smile “GO WITH FLO, SHE’S A BIG GIRL”. (A comical way of saying Go with the Flow of things)   Even though after all these years I am still learning to heed these words, we cannot do anything by worrying over it all so let these words inspire you and keep you going!

Image provided by Lonnie Bradley

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