Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery

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By Alan Cox

Healing and psychic surgery has been with us since man first walked on Earth.  Over the centuries it was considered, as many people were afraid of the unexplained results, to be witchcraft. Those people who did not understand put many healers to death. However, as time went by, there came a more tolerant understanding of healing. As the persecutions stopped, it was acknowledged more as a faith healing.

Today, most people have a better understanding of healing and realize it is a universal God given energy that is there for us all to tap into. I have been blessed with the connection to help people in this way.

I must state that I do not take credit for the example I am about to tell you about. I am a vessel, or conduit, for God’s energy that travels through me from the ‘Doctors’ in spirit.

shutterstock_127580768 Ghostly female face appearing in misty haunted forest

Going back to 2008, my partner Anne and I were featured in “Take a Break Fate and Fortune” magazine, one of the top monthly mainstream magazines in The UK, sold at all Newspaper shops and supermarkets.

A week before the photographer came to our home to do the photo shoot, I was asked, at the last minute, to stand in to do psychic readings at a hotel in a small village in Worcestershire. This is the first part of the unexplained happenings.

On arrival my first client was a lovely and bubbly young woman.

“You know you have health issues and you are determined to get well,” I told her as we began the reading.

She told me then that she had been given six months to live due to aggressive cancers in her liver, kidneys and stomach. I put my left hand on her right lower arm. She said she felt a surge of intense energy go up her arm and down into her stomach, back and side. She felt energized she told us. She then asked me if I would go to her home the following week to give her more healing, which I agreed. This was in the November; her diagnosis having been that August. The meeting at the hotel took place on the Tuesday evening and that coming Saturday was the photoshoot.

Just as the photographer was about to leave, he was following a young lady who had terminal cancer who was determined to beat it. She had been telling her story each week in “Take a Break” magazine, the sister weekly publication to the one we were being featured in.

Anne told him that we had met a young woman in this village in Worcestershire and how we were helping her. She asked if it was appropriate for him to tell this woman about me to see if she could be helped. The photographer said, in an incredulous voice, the name of this lady and we said yes it’s her I was helping.

The photographer lived in Warwickshire, the woman in Worcestershire and I live in Staffordshire; making a perfect 40 mile triangle between all of us.

The following week I went to the young woman’s home and she had psychic surgery. I placed my hand on her stomach, she immediately said she thought my hand had gone inside her and felt her insides being pulled and tugged about, but no pain. This was the ‘Doctor’ in spirit, Dr. David Ingles, doing his work.

This went on for around an hour. I don’t feel anything while the work is going on; and I cannot physically move my hand until it is complete.

She asked me to come back the following week. This time the healing was gentler and not so intense. She said she felt energized and could do more in the day as a result.

Christmas came, and she came down with a very heavy flu. She was in bed for two weeks and at a low point. She recovered in time to go to a prearranged hospital appointment for a scan. At this point she said she felt great, no pain and loads of energy.

The scan revealed that all the cancer had gone; there was not a trace anywhere in her body. The doctors couldn’t find an explanation for this.

She is now able to enjoy her life to the fullest.

Here is a series of events that cannot be explained except in a spiritual way.

I shouldn’t have been at that hotel that evening; it was if it had all been prearranged by God that these connections were meant to be.



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  1. Christina says:

    Fascinating article – very different from the exposes I’ve seen on psychic surgery.

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