Pop Culture Meets the Paranormal

Pop Culture Meets the Paranormal

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Is it the deep metaphysical issues and religious questions that has pop culture searching for the answers to the unexplained? A curiosity to understand the imagination, the nature of the paranormal? One could probably say that religion, the paranormal and mystical experiences that have occurred over centuries have influenced the creation of some of the most popular sci-fi movies, books and super hero’s of comic book series in history.

To some, it would not be an easy task to take seriously some of the events of the paranormal or religious events. You have to ask tough questions about the reality of all of this. Being a part of the paranormal world, one realizes that peer pressure, family beliefs can often dismiss all of this as crazy, which has to do with faith and the beliefs of the individual. One can be controlled by family, friends, religion and advertising. The question we might be required to ask ourselves in the moments we experience these events is what to do when we are faced with them. How do we ourselves find the a way to authenticate such happenings? There are many artists and writers of the paranormal who they themselves have experienced strange happenings such as remote viewing, alien abduction or visions of the future. For them, the way they expressed their experience has been through science fiction novels, movies and comic books and they have very large followings. It is through these shared stories and perhaps their own experiences and that of their readers that a deeper reality is developed to everyday occurrences.

One must have an open mind to be able to accept and take in these happenings. If one has a fixed opinion or such a strong belief about the way things need to work, you may not be able to accept happenings outside what is normal reality. If you believe the paranormal and mysterious experiences to be crazy, maybe you should stay away. Aren’t we taught to believe that which can be readily proven, than to believe something someone else or even ourselves have seen or experienced that was “unbelievable or unexplainable” to another person? I remember at the young age of twelve having my first experience at what I would surely have called the unexplained. Would my parents or siblings have believed it if I had told them that I had been touched on the shoulder only to turn to find no one there? Knowing I had felt it. Knowing there was a presence there but couldn’t prove it to anyone. It was my imagination they all would have said.

To anyone involved in the paranormal world, the explosion so to speak of shows related to the matter are widely available. Almost half of the British population and two-thirds of Americans believe in ESP and hauntings. Magazines on the topic are springing up everywhere, along with television shows and series on the subject. The paranormal world has gone main stream to say the least, but we can say that it has both helped and hurt the paranormal world as well. There are those who use this unexplainable world to most, to rake in revenues for personal gain and exploit what is a reality in many circles of those that because of psychic abilities or other means know these things to be true.  At the same time the interest of the paranormal through pop culture is nothing new.

Even in the Victorian age,  interest in what was then known as the Spiritualist Movement had its own following.  Charles Dickens was a member of The Ghost Club,  which is said to be one of the oldest clubs that conducted paranormal investigations.  A Christmas Carol by Dickens was at the time, said to be a semi ghost story. Hamlet in Shakespeare’s time encountered his dead father. Look at JK Rowling’s work, the Harry Potter books, which I thought to be born out of absolute brilliance. (albeit fiction) This was definitely one of pop culture’s most successful contributions, and opened up a world of intrigue and questions to the millions of young minds and readers, whether it be out of magic or the paranormal.  From this, my intuition tells me there will be many who discover they have psychic gifts, experience their own paranormal happenings, develop their own interest in the subject because of this and become writers on the topic as well.

My personal thoughts are that predestination is set for some of us to have these experiences. That we are prepared to see it, to believe it and to share what it is in order for others to accept what they have seen or experienced for themselves.  There has to be a record of such things by people who have had the experience in order for others to have something to go on as proof that things like this do happen. That it can be stated as fact and documented. For those that have this shall we say uncontrollable interest in the paranormal through pop culture, be open to it. Whether one looks at it as magic, science, metaphysical, religious or as a spiritual experience, its real. It happens every day and to millions of people. The paranormal world, spirit if you will speaks to us each and every day. Some of us recognize it and others are yet to be awakened by it. We just have to be aware of it presence in our lives. If there is something that spirit wants us to see, hear or experience it will find a way. It may shock us even frighten us in the most unusual ways, but its meant to be.

The paranormal and pop culture phenomenon seem to have a long future ahead of it with no end in site as far as I can tell, and  I don’t think spirit has any plans of disappearing either.  So, cozy up, grab a good book, watch a thought provoking movie, or go out and experience the unexplained for yourself. It could change your mind on the topic all together. We here at Paranormal Galaxy hope you do just that.

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