Paranormal Pop Culture Update – March 20th, 2015

Paranormal Pop Culture Update – March 20th, 2015

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In Theaters this Week

Insurgent: Tris (Shailene Woodly) and Four (Theo James) are back in the long awaited Sci-Fi thriller Insurgent. They’re now considered fugitives, and are on the run from the leader of the Erudites (Kate Winslet). Tris, with Four by her side, must find the truth about the past while confronting challenges and her inner demons at the same time. This sequel to the hit Divergent (2014) is out in theaters on Thursday, March 19th.

What’s New on Television this Week

iZombie: Premiering on Tuesday, March 17th on The CW, iZombie revolves around Oliva “Liv” Moore (Rose McIver). Liv is a medical student who attends the wrong party, and gets turned into a zombie. For a zombie to retain their intelligence and humanity, they must maintain a steady diet of brains, or they’ll revert into the more typical slow-moving version of the undead. In order to have steady access to human brains, Liv accepts a position at a morgue. She soon realizes that with each bite she takes, she gains memories that she can use to help solve how the deceased were killed.

From the creators of Veronica Mars, this new series should reflect the tongue-in-cheek humor we’ve all come to love. Tentative about watching our heroine consume brains with chopsticks? Everybody be cool, it’s just another day (in the life of the un-dead).


Can love take root in the cracks of time? You’ll find out after reading the new Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel Stars Across Time, by Ruby Lionsdrake.

Air Force pilot Andromeda “Andie” Kim dreams of being chosen to join NASA so she can go to space. Instead, she’s stolen by savage kidnappers from a dystopian future, where fertile women are needed for breeding purposes. One of her kidnappers, a man named Mace, goes out if his way to protect her from the other slavers, but she’s not about to trust him. All she wants is to escape and find a way back to her time before she’s sold as broodstock and stuck in this ruined world forever.

Colonel Aloysius “Mace” Theron of the Cascadian Alliance is a battlefield commander, not a spy, but after twenty years of service, his superiors also trust him. That’s why they choose him for a top-secret mission – to infiltrate an organization of thieves using a time machine to plunder the past. He’s supposed to find and destroy the machine, not fall in love with one of the captives, but Andie is as much of a fighter as he is, and he’s drawn to her from the beginning. Yet if he fights too hard to protect her, his identity will be discovered and his mission will fail, leaving criminals to terrorize the past, perhaps irrevocably changing history and endangering everyone he knows and loves.

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Stars Across Time was available in e-book format as of Sunday, March 15th.

The Event of the Week!

Attend a Ghost Hunt at Oxford Castle, hosted by Simply Paranormal! Oxford Castle is said to be like “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, and be in the top 10 of the most haunted locations. Poltergeist, witches, sacrifice, gaol, and executions are just some of the events that have taken place there. One of the most remarkable stories is about a group of inmates that held a séance in one of the cells that sparked poltergeist activity, and resulted in an exorcism being performed!

There’s an ongoing legend of the “Oxford Castle Curse”, which people have described as the Black Assize of 1577, when a curse was placed on the Court, the Jury, and the City, by Rowland Jenke after his ears were cut. Within the span of a few weeks, hundreds of people died mysteriously.

Human remains were discovered at Oxford Castle within the Well Chamber, which dates back to around the 16th Century. Ghostly footsteps, loud bangs, whispering, cell doors slamming, screams, and stones being thrown are just some of the paranormal activities reported there! The site has been used as a place of incarceration since 1071, continuing until the closure of HM Prison in 1996.

The event will be held from 8 PM – 3 AM on Saturday, March 21st.

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