Paranormal Cabinet of Movement and Communication

Paranormal Cabinet of Movement and Communication

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As part of my investigations into Spiritualism and the paranormal spanning over twenty years, I have recently attended some workshops held by physical medium Jo Bradley. These are intended to allow attendees to have their own personal experiences of Spirit contact. At one of these workshops, I had the very unusual experience of the cabinet moving objectively while I was sitting inside it for attempted transfiguration, and communication by the movements took place as well. As a former skeptic with a scientific career background, I was very impressed with this evidence, as it was tangible, and I am satisfied that it could not have been due to fraud or gullibility. I included an account in the book ‘Spirit in the Physical,’ which I wrote with Jo and can be found on Amazon Kindle or a paperback on Blurb.  Jo also wrote her own book ‘Pathway to Spirit’, which can also be found on Amazon Kindle or Blurb. One review of her new book says:  “Feeling very drawn to and intrigued by Physical Mediumship I purchased this book. Absolutely fascinating read [sic]. Loved it and found it very hard to put down. A must read for anyone interested in Physical Mediumship. I can certainly relate to many of Jo’s experiences written in this book and find her story interesting, inspiring and utterly compelling to read.” I certainly agree with that. An extract from ‘Spirit in the Physical’:

‘At my third workshop, at a village hall near Basingstoke on 18th August 2012, the attendees took it in turn to sit in the cabinet in red light for a transfiguration experiment. Jo took this photo of me in the red-lit cabinet:

Norman Hutt, said to be transfiguring

Norman Hutt, said to be transfiguring

I said my face was itching, and Jo says: “I could see the transfiguration taking place, as could the rest of the students, but we didn’t realize it was to that extent!”

I had no idea there was anything over my face, although I felt itches and tingles at times. My eyes were closed throughout, and I could hear all that was said in the room, although I felt I was in a bit of a dream state. I don’t know if the time of the photo corresponds, but I felt like laughing my head off and it was hard to control, then I heard the group talking about the cabinet moving. I rarely laugh my head off; it’s more of a chuckle as a rule! My scientific detachment was breaking down somewhat!

In the same period as this photo was taken, other things were happening to the cabinet and I. There was a strong red light in the cabinet, and the room was darkened with curtains. We could see each other well, as it was daytime. As I do not consider myself mediumistic or psychic, I did not bother to get someone else to video me in the cabinet. I sat with eyes closed, and kept very still throughout. I let myself go into a kind of meditation with an open mind, and I could hear comments that my face was changing. I did feel some itches and tingles on my face, but I’ve had those before in spiritual situations.

Suddenly, I heard remarks that the cabinet was moving, and it seemed that all could see this, except me of course. There was excitement in the room, and the others began to talk to the cabinet, or rather if there was a communicator causing the movement. A code was established of sideways movement for yes, and backwards and forwards for no. Questions were then asked if the communicator was male (yes), was he wanting to contact someone here (yes), was the person to contact male (no), female (yes). A relative? (Yes). Did you pass over more than ten years ago? (Yes). There were three candidates left. Dark hair? (No) Fair hair? (Yes). The only person who was left was my fair-haired sister, who was in attendance.

My sister accepted the communicator, but said nothing at first. Others asked, is it a grandfather? (No). Is it father? (No). My sister then asked, is it [our brother] Ray? The answer was an emphatic yes, shown by a lot of sideways swaying movement. I was feeling very emotional by then. My sister asked, Are you happy where you are? The answer was yes. She was rather taken aback, and asked nothing else.

I might add that I had no sensation that the cabinet was moving, as my eyes were closed throughout and I was a bit dreamy. I could, however, hear the voices and understand what the attendees were saying. I confirmed the facts afterwards with the other attendees, who said the cabinet movements were very pronounced, and we all knew that no fraud was possible. They also said that my face had some kind of lump on it, when they looked at me. Although this, like table tilting, is a basic form of communication; it proved once again for me that the ‘paranormal’ is a reality, and that there was ‘intelligence’ behind the answers to questions. Beyond that, I think it’s a matter of personal belief and interpretation.

Jo Winstone, one of the attendees, said: “I can confirm everything Norman has said. It was wonderful to see his face transfiguring, and I’m so pleased the communication was for him and his sister.”

Paranormal Table Movement

The whole group of attendees, with the mediums, then took part in table movement experiments with a large heavy table. There were some vibrations of the table, and limited movement, until Gail and most of the students left the room to prepare for the next experiment.

Image from page 388 of "Eusapia Palladino and her phenomena" (1909)

Image from page 388 of “Eusapia Palladino and her phenomena” (1909)

At this point, I asked Jo if she and I could try table movement together. Two male students came over and asked to join us. The rest of the group had left the room. Jo asked me to lead it. I spoke and asked the table to please move, and it did begin to move. I became rather excited and encouraged it to move more and more, shouting in fact, and it slid easily right round the room with our hands on it lightly. I asked for all four of us to remove one of our hands from the table, but it continued moving just as well. I finally asked for only one finger on it each, and the movement stopped soon after that. I have to stress that the table was large and quite heavy, and friction on the floor made it impossible to push around by hands on the top only, which I tried to do and failed.

Jo Winstone confirms what she witnessed:  “I was at the workshop and can confirm Norman’s account of the table tilting. When the whole group was involved with the experiment there was very little movement of the table. As soon as just Norman and Jo were joined by Paul and Robert, it took off around the room like a blooming rocket. Pretty amazing, within the end just one finger each touching it! [sic]”

The scientific experiments of the great scientist Sir William Crookes demonstrated what he called a psychic force, produced in the presence of a physical medium. Dr. Crawford had similar conclusions when he experimented with the Goligher Circle in the early 1900’s. I was thrilled to not only follow in their footsteps and experience this psychic force for myself, but also the cabinet movement communication, which as far as I know is unique.

Photos courtesy of  author, and

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