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My Night of Terror

My Night of Terror

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I woke up screaming, “Get off of me you psychopath!” As my cries filled the air, the oppressive weight that was sitting on my chest and the feeling of being suffocated suddenly lifted.

I lay there in total terror, gasping for air.  There was a knot in the pit of my stomach caused by a primeval, deep-rooted fear.  I looked around my blackened bedroom and saw that the entity that had just been trying to suffocate me was pacing around my bed. All I could see was a dark mass, which looked like a male energy. Rigid with fear, I slowly turned my head to check the time on the electric clock next to my bed.  It had stopped 20 minutes ago!  It never stopped; it was plugged in and connected to the electricity supply.

Rigid with fear, I slowly turned my head to check the time on the electric clock next to my bed.

Rigid with fear, I slowly turned my head to check the time on the electric clock next to my bed.

Suddenly there was a loud piercing noise.  After what seemed like an eternity lying perfectly still and frozen with fear, I realised that it was my smoke alarm.  It was bleeping very loudly and intermittently.  There was no pattern to the bleeping; it was very random. Just when I thought it had stopped, it would start all over again.

The fear of the dark and the ominous presence in the room was overwhelming me; to the point where I couldn’t move, and could only keep my eyes tightly closed.  I just didn’t know what to do. I wanted to stretch out my hand and turn on the light – but I couldn’t find the courage or the energy to move. My body was incapacitated by the deep fear that had taken over me, and I was learning what the term ‘frozen with fear’ actually meant first hand.

My mind was racing. I was trying to think of how I could bring a protective energy of light into the room.  I felt instinctively that I should recite The Lords Prayer: ‘Our father, who art in heaven…hallowed…’ My mind was empty and again racing.  ‘Hallowed be…’. Suddenly a prayer that I had heard, and said, many times in my life was wiped from my memory.  I said the first line again and again, but however hard I tried I just couldn’t say the rest of the prayer. It seemed that whatever dark force was around me, was blocking me from remembering this simple prayer.

Tears streamed down my face as I desperately searched for an answer, I tried to summon the courage to move and at least turn on the light.  In the end I lay there for hours, desperate and rigid with fear.  After an hour of constant and random bleeping, the smoke alarm finally stopped and I lay there until dawn, exhausted and fighting back the tears.

The next day I rang my boyfriend, and my best friend, who came to see me straight away.  They could tell by my ashen colour that what had happened was absolutely real.  I told them that since my terrifying experience I had felt drained, as if nearly all of my life force had been taken from me.  I explained to them about all of the strange occurrences that had happened during the month before.  How my kettle, and the television, had suddenly turned on by themselves for no reason.  How the photograph of my boyfriend had suddenly shot across the room.

How my kettle...had suddenly turned on...

How my kettle…had suddenly turned on…

The most memorable thing that happened before that night was when my son saw the spirit of a monk on the landing outside my room.  He was asleep on my bed, and I had to wake him, and walk him through to his own bedroom.  As his eyes opened he stared straight into the landing and seemed transfixed on that one spot.  He stayed like this for ages, and even though I kept speaking to him and trying to get some kind of reaction, he didn’t even blink.

As I walked him through to his room he seemed to suddenly come to, and asked, “Where is he?” When I asked whom, he said, “The little man that was standing on the landing.  He was just standing there staring at me.”  As I tucked him into bed, he described what the man was wearing.  He described a monk in robes with a piece of rope around his waist.

After my terrifying night, I felt uncomfortable in my own home.  I became scared of the dark, and took to leaving the hall light on, almost regressing back to childhood.  Wherever I was in my house, I felt that I was being watched. Although it wasn’t as overpowering, the ominous presence was always there.

I was still very afraid. Even though I have been a psychic myself for many years, I have always had a fear of dark or evil spirits and what they could do to me.  So even though I could see the spirit myself, I felt weakened by the whole experience, and didn’t feel equipped to deal with it alone. I decided to ring my friend Jenny, who was a psychic; she knew about entity release and was not frightened of the darker beings she came across from time to time.

She told me that she would remotely tune in to my home and let me know if she picked anything up.  When she rang back a few days later, she described a monk who had been disrobed and had turned away from the light. She said he was in the place where spirits inhabit when they have either not passed over properly, or didn’t even realise that they had passed; stuck in an in-between world. I was amazed! I hadn’t told Jenny that my son had seen the monk only a few weeks before that dreadful night.  Now a friend, whose abilities I totally trusted, was telling me the same thing.

A month later a friend gave me the name and number of some people who did ‘house clearance’, but not in the traditional sense.  These people cleared unwanted spirits from you and your home.

They agreed to come within a few days of my call. When I went to the door, a middle-aged couple dressed in traditional priests ‘dog collars’ arrived.  They first blessed me, and as they said a prayer over me I felt my body totally relax, and went in to an almost hypnotic state.  They told me to sit quietly in the lounge as they methodically walked around every inch of the house, blessing every wall, floor and ceiling.  Holding a cross and holy water, they finally stood in front of my opened front door.  The whole ceremony had taken around half an hour, and had built to what seemed like a crescendo, and in a powerful voice they commanded any unwelcome spirits to leave my home and never return!  In my minds eye I saw what looked like grey smoke streaming down the stairs and through the lounge and hall, out into the daylight. In my semi- conscious state I was aware that they had finished, and started to awaken from my ‘trance’.

 Holding a cross and holy water...

Holding a cross and holy water…

After this, the house felt totally different.  I felt different too, more peaceful and tranquil.  The kettle never turned on by itself again, the smoke alarm never bleeped randomly, and my clock worked perfectly from then on.  Peace was restored and my house felt like my home again.

After a while, the fear subsided and I started to turn the lights off again.  Before this visitation, I had always been scared of possible visits from such a dark presence.  But strangely, ever since my night of terror, I’ve felt stronger. I can face anything. I guess the moral of the story is that if you face what you most fear – there is nothing left to be fearful of.

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