Liquid Light Vibrational Essences: Part Two

Liquid Light Vibrational Essences: Part Two

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Accessing the Deep in our ‘Ocean of Emotion’

In part one last month, I outlined the different levels of emotional density within the energy field and the Heart, or The Shallows and The Deep as we call them. In part 2, I describe who using Liquid Light Vibrational Essences we can access and release these locked down emotions, buried by our subconscious.

So, how do we work to unlock the secrets of the Deep in our Ocean of Emotion?

Unlocking the Evolution of Your Consciousness

The way to access both levels of the Ocean of Emotion is to use the two pronged approach which brings light into The Shallows and The Deep simultaneously. The way we do this is by using different vibrational essences at the same time to target the individual energies in each specific area. What we need to understand at this point is that whatever we can stimulate to move in The Deep, will rise through The Shallows. Therefore the key to success is to constantly target and motivate whatever is in The Deep first and dissolve whatever rises through The Shallows, simultaneously.

deep blue sea

Different Vibrations for Different Places

We can break down essences into two distinct areas:

♥ Traditional Vibrational Essences

♥ Liquid Light High Vibrational Essences

Traditional Vibrational Essences, such as the Bach Flower Remedies, work in the area of The Shallows. High Vibrational Evolutionary Essences work in the area of The Deep.

Human consciousness is accelerating and we are now heading towards a hundred years since Dr. Bach began to harness the vibrations of flowers and show us the amazing hidden and subtle world of consciousness. Those remedies are a reflection of his advanced level of perception at that time. There are those amongst us today who’s consciousness is accelerating and opening into the next levels of evolution of consciousness and the essences they create reflect the deeper levels of consciousness that we can penetrate.

The Essences that David Ashworth has created over the years are a direct reflection of his own amazing transformation. His ability to see into the deep of anyone on the planet, led him to design tools to allow others to access the deep and help evolve human consciousness.

Entering The Deep

The area of The Deep is also known as The Well of Fears.

Let us say that The Deep is governed by the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious desires to hide the truth within and maintain stillness without change at all times, by denying access to the Deep, or The Well. The sub-conscious does not want any waves made, for while everything is in stillness, or locked in fear, it doesn’t have to worry about those deeper issues touching your life. If the fears remain in The Well, then they remain outside of your awareness.

Why should the sub-conscious mind be concerned this way? Because if the fears from The Deep escape into The Shallows, then your waking consciousness experiences the fear. The sub-conscious will do anything to avoid this.

Fear of Change

The modus operandi of the sub-conscious mind is driven by Fear of Change. It will prevent change at all costs. The sub-conscious mind rules the domain at the gateway between The Shallows and The Deep.

We could say that the subconscious mind is the gateway between these two domains. The gateway, or barrier, is also known as the Cap at the top of the Well of Fears.

To achieve evolution, we must deliberately challenge the Fear of Change that is held so sacred by the sub-conscious mind. We want to actively promote a little movement in The Deep (Well of Fears) in order to bring about evolutionary change in our lives; in order to release active forces that deliberately undermine us. We want to drop an energetic charge into those deep dark depths and allow it to explode, creating some movement, momentum and chaos.

Creating Movement in the Deep

The subsequent impact of such an explosive device as a High Vibrational Evolutionary Essence will shatter the bonds which hold certain energetic patterns in place. It will begin to break up the mass in the primordial swamp of ancient fears and as the vibrations of the essence create waves and ripples in The Deep, we then attain some movement.

For example, take an issue like Lack of Self- confidence or Unworthiness in a person’s life. An issue is always governed by a fear. For example, Lack of Self- confidence may be governed by Fear of Speaking Out. Unworthiness may be governed by Fear of Being Yourself or Fear of Standing in Your Own Power. The issue may well be expressing itself in this life from situations many lifetimes ago which are now no longer relevant to the learning process, but the energy continues to accompany you into subsequent lives until it is dissolved.

You can’t shake the energy off because of the bonds that hold it in place are so powerful. Therefore, in order to break these bonds and release this energy so that it might rise to the surface, you need to apply some subtle force which speaks the same language. That language is vibration and certain vibrations hold certain consciousness patterns in place. If we can discover what the sub-conscious is holding in place, we can also then discover a vibration that will begin to move it. Therefore we can target the rigid bonds of the energy pattern which holds tight onto the fear which limits and controls us. As we target the fear with the energy of the vibrational essence, it begins to loosen within the primordial swamp of clouds of fear with The Well. It is then free. It then begins to rise towards The Shallows.

Releasing the Fears from The Deep

When you can target an issue accurately within yourself, using a high vibrational energy of the optimum penetrative power, then movement occurs. As the anchors which hold the energy pattern deep within the heart dissolve, the energy of the issue begins to rise. Visualize the fears as small clouds of dark energy. Once we have stimulated some movement in The Deep, we need to be prepared to deal with the consequences of this action. We know that once released from captivity in The Deep, the energies are going to rise into The Shallows, therefore we must prepare for their arrival in the mental and emotional areas of our awareness.

As the energy enters your mental and emotional awareness, it begins to restrict you. It begins to hold you prisoner at some level. If you are aware and you can feel it, then this is now a great opportunity to challenge yourself to go beyond the fear. Identify the fear clearly, then understand how it controls you, then challenge yourself to go beyond its power to hold you. However, what most people do automatically is allow the sub-conscious mind to push the fear down again and then nothing gets resolved.

As you focus and challenge yourself to go beyond what holds you prisoner, this is when courage is released from the heart and the energy of courage begins to help in the process of dissolving the fear energy within The Shallows. This is also where the second prong of our approach comes in.

Dissolving the Issue in The Shallows

The key to working effectively in The Shallows is to use Traditional Vibrational Essences every single day. By doing this you are targeting and dissolving energy patterns and constantly bringing harmony and balance to your mental and emotional life. Whether you know what you are targeting or not, it’s not important. What is important is the evolution of your consciousness and working daily with essences will maximize the clarity of perception within your awareness.

As stronger energies rise from The Deep, they can pass through The Shallows almost unnoticed when being worked upon daily. Practice choosing what you need each day by dowsing or intuition from your choice of Traditional Essences.

In part 3 next month I will close this serialization of the Ocean of Emotion by giving a little more detail on techniques to help and support you during the releasing processes and more essence information.

 Ian Mills is an Elder, Ambassador, Teacher and Practitioner of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

The above article is heavily quoted from the teachings of David Ashworth and The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

Related reading: The Keys of Transformation. Book one – Birth of a New Light   by David Ashworth.

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