Liquid Light Essences part 3: Evolution and Balance in Summary

Liquid Light Essences part 3: Evolution and Balance in Summary

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In part 2 of Liquid Light High Vibrational Essences, we discussed the releasing of deep issues buried in the heart and strategies to ease the release from ones energetic system.

This month we will be explaining the simplicity of this way of working and summarizing the 2-prong approach to Evolution and Balance.

The Flow

The Heart Chakra is the principal energetic organ, which helps to clear The Shallows. The chakra works similar to a kitchen extractor fan, constantly sucking at any unwanted energies in the mental and emotional bodies. If there is a lot of unwanted energy in The Shallows, the Heart chakra struggles to keep pace with the heavy workload and in this struggle will slow down and in turn this will slow down your whole vibration. When the vibration begins to slow, you lose perception, sinking from light into darkness, even though this sinking process is very slight in the grand scheme of things. It can be compared to a professional athlete not training for a race, and then coming last during that race. What you should ask yourself is this: Do I want to be as tuned up as I can be, for very little investment and effort, or do I want to be an also ran?

As the Heart chakra continually vacuums debris from your system, your whole being is lifted and motivated. What remains un-dissolved at this point is blown out of you through the chakra and returned to Earth Mother.

deep blue sea

Working with Essences for the Evolution of Consciousness

As you unfold by working with essences daily, your intuition, perception, inner knowing, sensitivity and hidden gifts and talents also unfold. As this happens, then you will begin to understand how such simple tools as essences can open the inner doors to something so mysterious and awe inspiring as the evolution of consciousness.

This is the work that I, and the Emerald Heart Practitioners, do with people every single day. We help them unlock that which is within and the transformation is always tangible and often remarkable. Whether humanity knows it or not, we are all on a journey back to Unity and when the time is right, everyone will begin to awaken and search for the answers they need in order to begin to unlock their consciousness.

One of the most powerful keys you will ever find to the answers you seek is within these tiny, sensitive bottles of consciousness, which we call essences. Try to remember that God didn’t make this journey difficult. Why would He? It is ourselves who make this journey difficult and complex, when the truth is always very simple and obvious, we just try to avoid seeing it.

Emerging Patterns

As you begin to work with essences on a regular basis, you will discover that certain essences come up for you repeatedly. For example, when choosing the Liquid Light High Vibrational Essences, such as Wheel of Light Essences, Emerald Heart Essences, Extreme Essences or Sentinel Essences for work in The Deep, you may find that you work with a group of between 3 – 6 different essences on a regular basis. Also, because things move more slowly in The Deep, you may find that the same essence is required every day for several weeks or even months.  You may find that one or two essences also come up for periods of longer than a year. This is merely showing you that there is something really big that this vibration is working on and the essence is loosening and dissolving it in stages.

When working with Traditional Essences such as Bach Essences or Devic Essences, or indeed many other ‘flower’ or vibrational essences in the area of The Shallows, you will find that a certain core group of essences come up regularly, but you will probably find that you require a different essence from this core group each day. This is because energies move, change and dissolve more quickly in The Shallows.

Reading about the Bach Remedies will help you to understand ‘personality types’ and you will discover through the essences, which regularly come up for you that they reflect your own personality type. As you learn about this it gives you great insight into who you are at a deeper level and what constantly needs to be worked upon. When you study ‘The Readings’ associated with the Bach Remedies, rather than concentrating on the Negative Aspects, look at the Positive Aspects. That is telling you more about what the essence is doing for you and where it is taking you, rather than where you are and why.

Think positive and move forward. Don’t think negatively and stay where you are. The Positive Aspects point you in the right direction, telling you what needs to change.

When you know what the essence is trying to bring to you, it is then easy to see what lies beneath the surface of The Shallows that is affecting your balance and harmony.


Summary of the Two-Pronged Approach

Use Liquid Light High Vibrational Evolutionary Essences to move and dissolve fears in The Deep, which is located within the core of the heart. Use Traditional Vibrational Essences such as Bach Flower Remedies, Devic Essences or similar to dissolve energies in The Shallows.

To Attain Evolution:

  • Using Liquid Light High Vibrational Essences on a daily basis will provide a Driving Force for Change within and throughout the Consciousness of The Deep.

To Create a Foundation of Balance and Harmony:

  • Working on a daily basis with Bach, Devic or many other Flower and Vibrational Essences will create Harmony and Balance through the subtle bodies of The Shallows.

In part 4 next month, we will close this serialization, by explaining simple techniques of facing released fear.

The above article is heavily quoted from the teachings of David Ashworth and The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, of which I am an Elder, Ambassador, Teacher and Practitioner.

Related reading: The Keys of Transformation. Book one – Birth of a New Light by David Ashworth.

Image courtesy of David Ashworth

Image courtesy of David Ashworth

Images courtesy of Ian Mills

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