A Life Changing Friendship

A Life Changing Friendship

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I have had the privilege to have known my closest friend the late Manny Fox; Broadway Producer. I will explain how I came to know and love this extraordinary man.

We have to go back to 2005 to a series of remarkable events that lead to us knowing each other. That November, there was a documentary on British television Channel 4. Anne, my partner and I watched this documentary that was made by David Icke and his then wife Pamela (now Pamela Leigh Richards). David Icke has made a career out of world dominating conspiracy theories. When the program had finished, I said to Anne that I could psychically see that David and Pamela were being psychically attacked. I found David’s email address and wrote to him with my contact phone numbers. A couple of weeks later, to my surprise, Pamela phoned me and invited Anne and I to their home on the Isle of Wight, which is just off the South Coast of England. We went over to meet them in the January of 2006.



Although we didn’t stay in touch with David, Pamela did. Events happened that caused the separation and the eventual divorce of them. This is significant in the eventual meeting with Manny. Pamela is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She returned to America by herself and lives in Sedona, Arizona.

In the November of 2010, Pamela was at the checkout in an organic food store in Sedona paying for her groceries when Manny came along, and in typical Manny fashion joined in the conversation that Pamela and the cashier were having.

Manny and Pamela didn’t know each other; however, there was a cafe in the store, and they went and had a coffee together. Manny told Pamela all his problems, at the age of 75 he was going through a nasty divorce from his wife, Cinda Firestone Fox. He told her that Cinda had taken everything from him and he was living on spousal support. Pamela said she knew someone who spiritually could help him and gave him my email address. I received an email from Manny in the February of 2011 asking if I could help him. I said yes and phoned him from England.

Now you can see the remarkable set of events that brought us together. If I hadn’t have watched the documentary and contacted David, and Pamela hadn’t have phoned me, and then she leaving David going back to Sedona and Manny meeting her at the checkout we would never have met.

If you search engine for Manny Fox Broadway Producer you can read about the incredible career he had. He worked with some of the all time great stars of film and stage and composers. The list includes Rogers and Hammerstein, George Gershwin, Orson Wells, and his best friend Bing Crosby. The list goes on and on. Over the months that followed, we talked everyday on the phone and built a close relationship. He told me of his ambition to have another Broadway hit. His last one being Sophisticated Ladies, which was all about the life of Duke Ellington. He had told me he couldn’t pay me; however, he would sign me into the new production. This production was also about Duke Ellington. During that year, Manny became very ill. This one day we were talking on the phone, and he fell off a kitchen high stool on to a hard fall. I kept calling him, but he wasn’t answering. I was trying to figure out what to do. I was going to look up on the internet the emergency services in Sedona and call them from England so they could help him. Just as I was about to put the phone down Manny answered me. He then called for help himself. I felt really helpless being thousands of miles away on the end of the phone.

Well, this was just the beginning of a series of illnesses Manny went through. I called the hospital everyday and most days were able to speak to him. I got to know his sons Jon, Richard and Steve. Also his two brothers Bernard, who is an award winning film sound engineer with Universal Studios, and Charles, who is a prolific song writer (he wrote killing me softly for Roberta Flack amongst a lot more).

He had recovered by the autumn time and wanted us to meet. By this time he had started to write the script for the new production and had people in place including members of the Duke’s family to get the show going. Manny had been a close friend of Duke Ellington.

Manny had also told everyone about me. So In the first week of December, I flew over to Arizona to meet Manny for the first time. Jon, Manny’s son, paid for my entire trip including a limo to pick me up from Blue harbour airport in Phoenix to take me the 120 miles to Manny’s home in Sedona.

The meeting was emotional has you can imagine. It was Manny’s 76th birthday on the 6th. Because of all Manny had told people about me and to coincide with his birthday friends and family flew in from all over America. Jon and his friend Jay whom I was now friends with also came in from New York, and friends from Oregon, Chicago and Texas. We all had great time with Manny at the head of the dinner table telling us all about his life and all the people he had worked with. This was an important meeting because an investor was there and Manny secured the first monies for the show, although a lot more was needed.

I recorded five interviews with Manny at his home. The first one went out live www.paramaniaradio.com on my show Understanding Spirit, where he told his life story. The shows can be listened to via my website www.calmingthoughts.com and on demand at paramaniaradio.

Manny had this dream of us all being rich and famous. He even wanted Anne and I to move over to Sedona when the show was a success and build a home there. He had big plans and so much energy.

I visited him again in the January 2012; little was I to know we wouldn’t meet again.

All was going well with the preparation for the show and then Manny was taken ill again. He was in and out of hospital. He had planned for the show to open on Broadway by the end of that year. It was not to be. His friend and lawyer Bill Mortimer now is trying to get investment to carry the show on to have a legacy for Manny.

Manny rallied and in the August time he made a trip to Beverley Hills where his brother Charles lives and his cousin Cyrus Yavneh. Cyrus is a Hollywood film producer with accreditations for the making of the series “24” and “Supernatural”. Also, his son Steve lives there and he stayed with him, his daughter in-law and grandchildren. We still talked everyday and he shared pictures with me of his time there with them. He had lunch the one day with Charles and Cyrus telling them of how I had helped him and how much his friendship with me meant to him. As a result, Cyrus wanted to talk to me. Cyrus and I now speak every week on the phone and when he came over to England to be in his home here for Christmas, Anne and I spent the day with him.

Manny flew home to Sedona and quickly became ill again. He had to be flown by helicopter to a hospital in Phoenix for life saving heart surgery. He came through it. I would call the hospital every day. The staffs there got to know me and were in awe that I called every day from England.

He rallied again and was moved to the hospital in Colindale. During the time there his condition was up and down. I phoned him every day and some days he was asleep, some days incoherent. On the 23rd September, a Sunday I called him at 10am Mountain time, 6pm over here in the UK. Manny was bright full of vigour, he said he felt great. He said he had a shower and shave and was fully dressed. He was looking forward to his sons coming to visit him that afternoon; they had flown in to be with him because the signs for his health weren’t good. Also Bill and Bill’s daughter Kristie were going to visit him.

The last words Manny spoke to me that day on the phone were, “Alan I love you”.

It was 6.30 am the next day over here in the UK and I was woken by a message from Bill saying Manny had passed away. He had a great day with everyone. They left, he got undressed, got into bed and died peacefully. It was the end of an era. A man who gave me more than anything I could have given him. He showed me that you need passion and compassion in life. Manny visits me in spirit regularly. He is here as I write this. Bill sent me one of Manny’s hats. He had a collection. Look at media photos of him he always wore a hat. I will treasure it.Fedora

We never know whom we will meet in life. It doesn’t matter if they are rich, poor, and famous or not. The main thing is to love and care for people. Strive for your goals, never give up and enjoy the journey. The world would be a better place if everyone did this.

We will get the show on Broadway. Bill and I will strive until we succeed.

Images provided by Jack Sanders and Peter Suneson.

To read the Paranormal Galaxy Magazine version of this article click on the title A Life-Changing Friendship

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