Just Allow and Receive

Just Allow and Receive

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Deep within the essence of who we are there’s a sound, a vibration, an emanation that expresses life from every cell. It resonates in harmony with all living creatures.

                                                                                                            -Dr. Barry Bittman

Please believe that inherently somewhere in you there is greatness just waiting to be awakened. This is that special gift you were born to share. It is uniquely of you, for you and by you. No one can do it as well as you. You are the only person that can bring yourself peace and success.   If you want more out of your life, then demand more of yourself. It is your choice whether you want to hold positive or negative habits.


By believing in this excellence in yourself, you develop the habit of self confidence which in turn opens your mind. Success is based on decisiveness and being confident will help you decide. Your biggest mission is to find the incentive that inspires you to greater action and awakens the latent giant within you. The path to this inspiring stimulus becomes apparent as you begin to focus more and more on what makes you happy and act on your preferences.

To understand the value of self reliance, sit down and become acquainted with yourself as you never have before. You can discover what strength, power and possibility lay within you.   Take the time to recognize what is helping you and what is hindering you. Take action to change the harmful habits into constructive ones.

Self confidence is a product of knowledge used to inform your decision.   You are condemning yourself to despair and failure; or, you are creating your triumph by the thoughts you think and thereby the feelings you feel. The best way to avail yourself of the power within you is to believe in yourself.    Others will believe in you only if you believe in yourself.

Michele Howe Clarke Column (16)

Throughout your life, from birth to death, your mind is always reaching for what it does not yet possess. Therefore, ideal happiness will always be around the bend; perhaps in sight, but just out of reach. Life is never complete. No matter how much you possess there will be something else you want.   The moment you cease to cherish the vision of your future you are finished. True lasting happiness is what you feel in the pursuit of an important yet unattained objective. Anticipation is life’s sweetest elixir.

Preferentially point your focus. You will resemble, tomorrow, the dominating thoughts of your mind today. Plant a seed for tomorrow wisely. Frame life in your mind nicely, by seeking and speaking of the good. You have constructed your reality through the story you tell yourself. So start telling yourself a better story.

Start filtering out negative scripts that no longer serve your highest good. When it comes to manifesting, your thoughts should be condemned or praised for their work. Focus on your emotions and feel your way to your future reality. Choice by choice, reach for relief and let go of resistance. Let your preference be your guide. You want to change how you view and respond to life. Have your own back. Deliberately look at the positive. You will become the master framer of your life.

Blue sign points the way to happiness

You are human. You are going to have good and bad times. When you are down, bear in mind that it is all about how quickly you rebound that counts. You can get rid of low frequencies in your life by adding high frequencies. You can start with supplementing your life with whatever gets you feeling good.

Lack of faith is the killer of dreams. Lack of faith usually displays itself through worry, anxiety and frustration. Just be assured that whatever you want to create in this life, you can. Choose to be confident enough to just take action. Base your actions in Can-Do faith. Don’t be one of the many who are mentally on crutches because they do not believe enough in themselves.

Intentionally Affirm

I intend that choice is mine for the asking. I now ask choice into my life. I allow it in positively for I know that I am safe. I am grateful, I give thanks. So be it, so it is.

Read more of Michele Howe Clarke’s book, Face Forward, on Amazon.com.

Face Forward - Image courtesy of Morgan James Publishing

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