Interview with Space Witch Amanda Morris

Interview with Space Witch Amanda Morris

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I first came into contact with Amanda Morris when I was looking for new contributors for Paranormal Galaxy Magazine a few months ago.  Amanda has since been one of the most enthusiastic contributors we have had so far! You may know her from her articles called “Just Dance” and “Laughter”, both of which are based on lessons she has learned as an ordained minister and space witch! She has certainly been a great contributor so far, and she has a lot going for her.

Taylor Young:  Did you ever have a paranormal experience that changed your life? Describe it for us.

Amanda Morris:  When I was a teenager, I had a few experiences with sleep paralysis and accidental astral travel that terrified me.  At the time I was convinced that I was literally going to die, and it was my first encounter with any sense of Death.  Paranormal activity happening around a hormonal teenage girl isn’t uncommon, but it can be pretty confusing and scary when you don’t know what’s going on.  I had already been dabbling, a bit haphazardly, with meditation and magic, but my first encounter with sleep paralysis and astral travel scared me so much I had to sleep with the lights on for a week!  It was really the first time that I took the time out to do some real research into the paranormal, and it was a valuable learning experience that helped me to understand that area between what can be seen as a paranormal experience and what is happening in one’s own psyche.

TY:  What are you most passionate about (in your field, life, etc.) and why?  

AM:  I’m an eclectic witch, but I have a few areas of focus.  I spend a lot of time doing work in the community – planning rituals, participating in area events, hosting workshops, and engaging in community support and networking.  This takes up a lot of my time!  But I’ve come to really appreciate the concept of community and to realize how valuable support can be.

Personally, I love to do little charms, spells, and vigils.  Herbs and oils are two of my favorite tools, and I’m always coming up with new combinations in my food processor.  (Truly a vital tool for the witch of the 21st Century.)  I have a fairly active devotional practice honoring various Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors, and Spirits.  And finally, my first passion was writing, so I try to maintain a few different blogs and writing projects.  I’m an Aries, so naturally there’s always something new and interesting for me to get distracted with!

TY:  Who is one person you look up to the most?  

AM:  I really look up to and admire the spiritual grandmothers and grandfathers of the Pagan movement.  They were doing some really cool stuff and some really hard work, and without them I literally wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today!  I admire the works of people like Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Dion Fortune, and even Alistair Crowley.  They were truly pioneers.

I can’t forget the mothers and fathers of the Pagan movement, either.  They really were able to combine activism, feminism, environmental justice, and Paganism in a way that I think is lost and muddled today.  So much of their stuff is foundational.  Starhawk, Z. Budapest, and Scott Cunningham are some who I admire the most.

TY:  Do you have any art pieces, books, movies, or television shows that deal with paranormal topics? If so, what are they?

AM:  While I wouldn’t say that I write about the paranormal, certainly witchcraft and Paganism overlap with  the world of the supernatural.  I maintain a blog at where I write about Gods, Goddess, rituals, spells, holidays, seasons, and pretty much anything that I think is interesting to write about and that I think people might think is interesting!

I’m also a contributing blogger at Pagan Square ( a networking site and magazine for witches, Pagans, and others.  This blog focuses more specifically on mystical experiences and every day magical encounters (

I am also collaborating on a book with a friend of mine who is a very talented mystic.  This project focuses on techniques and advice on walking a mystical path in a mundane world.  Stay tuned!

Finally, I am a contributing writer here at Paranormal Galaxy!  It’s a relationship I’m very excited about, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it will take me!

TY:  What is your writing process?

AM:  Sit down at my computer, turn on my music (I love my new age station on Pandora), and write!  I also yell at people who distract me.

TY:  Why did you choose to write about the paranormal?

AM:  Magic is such a part of my life.  It permeates everything around me.  It is all around me and it is in me.  How could I write about anything else?

TY:  How do you enjoy your free time? Any hobbies?  

AM:  I don’t really have much free time!  I like to read, especially books about religion, folklore, mythology, psychology, witchcraft, and Paganism.  I write a lot.  I love to read my tarot cards and play with other types of divination, such as the runes, scrying, or my various pendulums.  I love to play with crystals, and I dabble in jewelry making.  I love to go to coffee shops and eat out at local restaurants, and I’m a huge fan of concerts and B-movies.  Luckily I live in an area that always has lots of live music, and has a few theaters that regularly host science fiction or horror double features!

TY:  If you were stranded on an island, name one person and three items you would bring. Why?  

AM:  I would bring my husband because he’s an Eagle Scout and could probably save me.  I’d also bring a giant thing of lip balm, lotion, and some way to purify water. I’m really concerned about dry skin!

TY:  What does Paranormal Galaxy Magazine mean to you?

AM:  Paranormal Galaxy Magazine is a way to meet new people and to engage with them and their experiences.  It’s a way for me to network and write, but most importantly, it’s a way for me to learn more and expand my horizons.  Honestly, my inner middle schooler is thrilled with Paranormal Galaxy Magazine!  It’s really something I have always wanted.

To read the Paranormal Galaxy Magazine version click on the title Interview with Space Witch Amanda Morris

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