Interview with Ronald Pearson

Interview with Ronald Pearson

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Ronald Pearson was an engineer and gas turbine specialist until he wanted to reintroduce concepts into the cosmology and physics world. In an attempt to introduce another idea to the big bang theory discussion around 1984, he was branded a scientific maverick, and any of his findings and ideas were refused to be published. Since then, he has continued to show his ideas that can explain how the paranormal is real. Paranormal Galaxy Magazine readers recognize him for writing the column “Survival Physics” describing how it is scientifically possible for life to exist after death.

Sherrie Wilkolaski: How did you first encounter the paranormal world?

Ronald Pearson:  Alan Cox told me about [Paranormal Galaxy] and suggested I write my biography to show how I eventually solved those problems in physics and cosmology that still confound the experts. And then to show how the end result was to produce the paradigm-shift that extends physics to include survival of death and explain the entire spectrum of the paranormal as potentially real effects. This shows these aspects are natural and normal.

SW:  Did you ever have a paranormal experience that changed your life?

RP:  have had dozens of psychic experiences. I get apports occasionally. The last one was about 5 years ago when an old half-crown appeared during breakfast. It is dated 1939. So I hope it is not a warning that WWIII will happen. Mostly my clocks stop and then after a couple of hours after I have decided to change the battery I find them not only going again but giving the correct time. I have also had communications from 3 famous dead scientists.

SW:  What are you most passionate about in your field, life, etc. and why?

RP:  I have just ploughed my life savings into a project that I hope will provide the world with new storable, sustainable energy plus food and with net carbon sequestration by cultivating the North Atlantic Gyre. This is attempted in 3 stages and I now await the 75% funding that I hope to win from an ‘energy catalyst competition. My hope is that this will help prevent the mass extinction that is likely about 2060.

SW:  What is one person you look up to the most?

RP:  My deceased dad who provided the most ideal environment during my childhood. He was a science and maths teacher but a model engineer in his spare time. The access to his well equipped workshop gave me an early background lead that encouraged innovation.

SW:  Do you have any art pieces, books, movies, or television shows that deal with paranormal topics? If so, what are they?

RP:  Yes [there are] lots of books on my website. ‘The Big Breed Theory of Creation of the Universe’ provides a flaw-free alternative to the flawed big bang (non-mathematical but another book gives the maths as well). This led to the theory supporting survival and the paranormal and this is described in the popularisation, ‘INTELLIGENCE BEHIND THE UNIVERSE III’. There is ‘HOW SCIENCE PROVES GOD’ and other books.

SW:  If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for a day, whose shoes would you pick?

RP:  Sir William Crookes FRS

SW:  How do you enjoy your free time? Any hobbies?

RP:  [I am] busy trying to make and test inventions that I hope will help save the world. I am also the oldest paper boy in our village being only 3 months away from 90.

SW:  If you were stranded on an island, name one person and three items you would bring. Why?

RP:  I think it would be a lady who turned me down when I was about 30.  I would want some matches a cooking pan and an axe.

SW:  What inspired you to become a writer?

RP:  [I am inspired by] having information concerning the reality of survival and the paranormal to communicate to as many people as possible.

SW:  Why did you chose to write about the paranormal?

RP:  Because I can explain how it works. I show from solutions to problems in physics that still remain vexed questions (since they do not recognise solutions from engineers) that the paranormal can be explained as reality. I have had three visits from great distance of mediums who brought through, first Sir William Crookes, then Sir Oliver Lodge and finally Sir Isaac Newton. All said my theory was the closest yet and so needs publication.

SW:  Describe your work/book for readers in one sentence?

RP:  [My work is about] engineering to create a new technology and author of books explaining how the paranormal works.

To read the Paranormal Galaxy Magazine version of this article click on the title Interview with Ronald Pearson

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