Interview with Psychic Surgeon Andy Porter

Interview with Psychic Surgeon Andy Porter

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Andy Porter is a Psychic Surgeon that specializes in working to clear and remove negative energies from people and places. His unique skillset has been augmented by an ability to trance channel his spirit guide called “Chen”. He works with people from all over the world and endeavor to offer a genuine helpful service to all clients. He is an author and regular contributor to Paranormal Galaxy Magazine. Here is what he had to say during a recent interview:

Sherrie Wilkolaski: How did you first encounter the paranormal world?

Andy Porter: My first encounter was rather invasive to my whole life. In summary, I had never been interested in the spirit world, aliens, or any alternative woo woo, but after moving into a haunted house, my eyes were opened and I was forced to embrace the spiritual side of life.

SW: Did you ever have a paranormal experience that changed your life? Describe it for us.

AP: Oh yes, didn’t I. After meeting my wife to be, I moved into a new house. After a short period of time, approximately four weeks, we started to notice things didn’t feel at all right. There were noises at night, things had a habit of disappearing especially my car keys, and we noticed the hairs on our arms and body standing to attention as we walked through the house. Not to mention lights going on and off on their own, and the heating also finding a will of its own even when the timer was turned off at the main control switch.

One night whilst sleeping, I came to and found the room felt really cold. Upon opening my eyes, I instantly became aware that all was not well in my bedroom, the foot of my bed was two feet off the floor and I was looking at the wall behind the headboard instead of the ceiling. This was the first time in my life I felt what can be described as “real terror”. I screamed put me down and get out of my room and with that the bed dropped onto the laminate floor with a crash and the temperature of the room instantly increased to its normal level as the room felt like a freezer door had been opened.

I lay in bed with the duvet over my head and the light on shaking all night long not sure if it had really happened or if I had be dreaming and if it was a dream I didn’t want another one. As sunlight streamed through the windows in the early hours of the morning I could clearly see my bed was no longer in the same position in the room and the bed casters were off to one side.

This experience changed my perception of the world and most certainly changed my life permanently.

SW: What are you most passionate about in your field of Psychic Surgery?

AP: Helping to work with clients that are suffering in one way or another. From a personal perspective, I enjoy tinkering with cars, well Saabs in particular, walking, and generally enjoying time with my family and around nature.

SW: You are an author, what inspired you to become a writer?

AP: Like me, it’s random and un-organized. I just have a topic or theme and then start writing. The writing seems to take on a life of its own. I am a firm believer of just do it and see what happens as opposed to over planning things and making them more complicated than they need to be.

SW: Why did you chose to write about the paranormal?

AP: It’s a fascinating subject and is different for all of us, plus it’s the one area that science can’t prove or dis-prove. We all love the unknown and I think this is one of humanity’s greatest traits.

SW: Describe your work for readers?

AP: My work falls loosely under the category of Psychic Surgery which means nothing to most regular people. In summary with the help of my guide “Chen” we perform surgical operations on the etheric body, and these changes are then mirrored back into the physical body after a week or so.

My specialty at the moment seems to be detaching negative energies from a person’s etheric field.

My book “Chen’s Spiritual and Psychic Teachings “ covers other topics not easily found in many Spiritual publications such as the planetary changes happening on earth today, extra-terrestrial involvement in human evolution, psychic protection, negative energies and entities, the alien agenda, crystals, meditation and many more topics. My guide “Chen” has channeled much of the information for this book and it makes very interesting reading.

SW: Do you have any favorite art pieces, books, movies, or television shows that deal with paranormal?

AP: I like many sci-fi films and really have a connection with “The matrix and also fallen, (1998) with Denzel Washington”. “The Matrix” I feel provides a great insight into the way we live in that many people are living a completely different reality to others around them.
“Fallen” is a real reflection of how my own life seems to be working to remove negative energies that co-exist in this dimension. I normally advise many of my clients to watch “Fallen” as this gives a great understanding of how negative energies work through many people.

SW: Who is one person you look up to the most?

AP: Good question, to be honest I try to live my life myself and try really hard not to get caught wishing I could be like someone else. For that reason I don’t really watch the TV but prefer to spend my time surfing the web and watching documentaries. I don’t ever remember looking up to anyone else as such.

SW: If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for a day, whose shoes would you pick?

AP: I would love to walk in the shoes of my wife and see what it’s like to live with me ha ha.

SW: How do you enjoy your free time?

AP: Free time, ha ha really funny…I live my life at a fast pace and seem to always be trying to get more done that time allows, but yes I like tinkering with cars, Saabs in particular. Also looking around antique shops with my wife Jayne is good fun.

SW: If you were stranded on an island, name one person and three items you would bring with you and why.

AP: Stranded on an island, so that person with be my wife and best friend Jayne, and as for items that’s easy: the internet, a laptop and a deck chair.

Since I have a habit of getting bored quickly, the internet and the laptop will keep me engaged with what’s going on in the real world, not the corporate media. The deck chair will provide my comfort.

SW: What does Paranormal Galaxy Magazine mean to you?

AP: Paranormal Galaxy is a great medium for anyone interested in the paranormal to have fun reading and also a learning gateway. When I was going through my spiritual awakening, I looked everywhere for this kind of medium and struggled to find anything that lived up to the remit. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of this new magazine as I feel my life experiences and understandings may help others on their spiritual path. It’s a great mag and it’s got a real diversity of authors which can only mean the reader really gets a broad range of topics to read. They will therefore need to engage their own discernment around what works for them and what does not. We all live our own lives and as such have different realities.

To learn more about Andy Porter go to

To read the Paranormal Galaxy Magazine version of this article, click on the title Interview with Psychic Surgeon Andy Porter

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