Interview with Medium Pam Brittan

Interview with Medium Pam Brittan

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Pam Brittan has been a Medium for over 30 years serving Spiritualist Churches throughout the UK. She could see spirit from an early age, but was afraid to accept it. Pam later found out from her uncle who was a medium, Sid, that she comes from a line of people with clairvoyant abilities. Sid was able to trace the family line back to a descendant grandfather marrying a French Romany Gypsy. Uncle Sid told Pam when she was in her 20’s that “As I leave off you will begin”. Pam’s reply was “Uncle Sid, my spirits are in bottles and I will never do what you are doing”.  She later realized that when someone chosen, Spirit will find a way to get them working. Pam Brittan later became friends with a lady who wanted to attend a Spiritualist Church in order to  be able to contact her mother who had died from leukemia. Those events changed Pam, and she became more involved with the Church. A lady who ran the circle could see Pam was a “natural” Medium and encouraged her to go forward to join the novice scheme within the Church. As Pam began working, her Uncle had a stroke and was unable to continue with his work. “His words echoed in my mind” Pam said.

Since those early days, Pam Brittan has gone on to develop courses to teach the subject. In 2001 she took her proficiency certificate in teaching and went on to teach Spiritual Matters at a local college. Pam’s aim is to promote the idea that we all have the ability to use our sixth sense or psychic awareness. She has no doubt communication exists from the Spirit World.

Sherrie Wilkolaski: How did you first encounter the paranormal world?

Pam Brittan:  As a child I saw my grandmother in the chair and was conversing with her at length before my mother smacked me for telling lies about who I could see. I learnt very early that not everyone could “see”. This made me afraid to mention my ability to anyone.

SW:  Did you ever have a paranormal experience that changed your life? Describe it for us.

PB:  When I was a complete novice I went with a group from my local Spiritualist Church to a place called Arthur Findlay College in Stansted Essex. It was Physical Phenomena week. The group was taken into a room, there was a three sided box in the corner with a small red light placed in the centre of the top. The box had a seat for the Medium to sit on and from the light we could see the changes even in the dark of the Medium’s face. The lights were extinguished; I was a little afraid; the atmosphere in the room was electric, suddenly, the Medium (who was a man) began to talk in a women’s voice and called to someone in the third row of people. He called out her name and she immediately knew from the voice it was her mother. The information was remarkable. The lady in receipt of this marvel was in tears. When this message had been fulfilled from the box there appeared several lights which climbed up the walls and across the ceiling and these carried on for some time. I kept closing my eyes and tried to find a logical explanation, being in the throes of my early introduction of spiritual matters I began to realize that what I was seeing was real and it remains with me always.

SW:  What are you most passionate about (in your field, life, etc.) and why?

PB:  My passion now is to get the information out there to the many. Teaching has become a big part of my life. I developed three six week courses to inform everyone of all Spiritual Matters, which includes the simplicity of the Aura and Chakras through to the complexity of the Akashic Records and Physical Phenomena. There is so much to learn, you cannot give anyone their gift but if they have the knowledge of how and why they can understand it much better which leads to them not being afraid.

SW:  Who is one person you look up to the most?

PB:  This is a difficult question to answer. I have been inspired by many overtime. Gandhi, St Teresa, Nelson Mandela and so many of the greats but close to home my Auntie Elsie who has passed now. She worked tirelessly for the Spiritualist movement and was a great philosopher, and often her words still inspire. Spiritually, I have been given such inspiring messages from my “doorkeeper” guide Crowfoot.

SW:  If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for a day, whose shoes would you pick?

PB:  I would choose to be in my 5 year old grandson’s shoes to experience the wonder of the world through his eyes, and go back to the innocence of youth.

SW:  How do you enjoy your free time? Any hobbies?

PB:  I love to write. I would love to do more painting. I have just completed a day’s course painting the Bob Ross way. Listening to music and meditation. Being with family and friends. Cooking and gardening.

SW:  If you were stranded on an island, name one person and three items you would bring. Why?

PB:  I would be very practical here. My best friend is a dab hand at Do-It-Yourself so it is her I wouldn’t mind being stranded with if I could only take one person. Also if you are going to be stranded you want someone who you can laugh with and enjoy having conversations Three items: saw (presumably there will be trees) to create a dwelling; set of saucepans (for the cooking of the food that has been caught) luxury items would have to be loads of paper and pens (for the writing)

SW:  What does Paranormal Galaxy Magazine mean to you?

PB:  First of all it covers so many subjects to do with the paranormal. It always informs and that is part of what I feel is needed especially at this present time. There is an interest and curiosity of the paranormal out in the world at the moment and this magazine fulfills that criteria. Being on line brings the access to many more people than the format of a printed magazine. It brings knowledge which is something I feel passionate about.

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