Interview with Author Kris Sedersten

Interview with Author Kris Sedersten

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Kris Sedersten is a Registered Nurse with a degree in Human and Social Service Administration. She has held credentialing in both Gerontological and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. She is currently employed at a local Community College in extended learning services. Kris is the founder of a very active paranormal research team, Synergy Paranormal Investigations, in her home town of Harvard, NE. She has an obsession with the paranormal and a passion for writing fiction. This has led to a series of books she has published called the Mojo Series.

Sherrie Wilkolaski: How did you first encounter the paranormal world?

Kris Sedersten: I believe I grew up in a haunted house. It was an old Victorian with a beautiful open staircase. There were many episodes of family members experiencing cold spots, disembodied voices, footsteps and shadow-like people on the stairway over the years. Although it could be unnerving at times we coexisted with the energy of the house quite well. I came to believe it was deceased maternal family members trying to keep us in line when we were children with too much time on our hands and too little supervision. The paranormal activity escalated when we were doing things we shouldn’t.

SW:  Did you ever have a paranormal experience that changed your life? Describe it for us.

KS:  My paranormal experiences are almost too numerous to mention. I have always believed in the afterlife. Shortly after my son passed away in 2003 I had some experiences with a ceiling fan in my dining room. It would turn on by itself. This happened at the most opportune times, for example, right after I had burned french toast and the house filled with smoke! I hadn’t mentioned this to anyone for fear that they would think I was imagining things. One afternoon my friend stopped over to visit and we began talking about death and the possibility of spirits being able to communicate with the living. She had also recently lost a family member and we often shared our grief. I told her about the ceiling fan and I admitted to her that I thought it might be my son trying to help me out. Just then the ceiling fan turned on of its own volition once again. I took that as validation. Oh, and my friend ran out the door in a panic. She still doesn’t like to come to my house to this day after that experience.

SW:  What are you most passionate about (in your field, life, etc.) and why?

KS:  In the field of paranormal research I am most passionate about respecting the spiritual energy around us. I don’t like the practice of provoking to get a response and I don’t think it’s necessary to drop an f-bomb every five minutes during a paranormal investigation.

SW:  Who is one person you look up to the most?

KS:  Jesus Christ.

SW:  Do you have any art pieces, books, movies, or television shows that deal with paranormal topics? If so, what are they and why?

KS:  I have a total Stephen King collection because he is my hero! I rarely watch television or movies because I don’t have time.

SW:  If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for a day, whose shoes would you pick?

KS:  I would walk in James Van Praugh’s shoes for a day. That would be an experience.

SW:  How do you enjoy your free time? Any hobbies?

KS:  I co-host a paranormal talk show on 24.7 The Stream every Tuesday night at 8:00 CST where we interview authors, investigators, UFO experts, etc for two hours of divers discussion with the living about the dead.

SW:  If you were stranded on an island, name one person and three items you would bring. Why?

KS:  I would take my husband, coffee, cigarettes and something to write with. These are the things I need in my world!

SW:  What inspired you to become a writer?

KS:  I started writing after my son passed away. I started writing a journal actually. It helped to sort out my feelings and release the pain. That led to writing fiction because it was fun and it really sort of wrote itself.

SW:  What is your writing process?

KS:  I start out with a premise and a cast of characters. I do write an outline but it is a loose outline. As the story flows and grows in it’s own direction the outline changes with the story until it all works itself out in the end. I occasionally surprise myself with an added twist that I really hadn’t planned.

SW:  Why did you chose to write about the paranormal?

KS:  I write about the paranormal because it is my passion. There are endless possibilities when writing about this topic and there are no right or wrong answers. There are theories and belief systems all over the place but no one really knows for sure where we go when we die, whether or not aliens exist, or what undiscovered species may be lurking in the woods. Too fun!

SW:  Describe your work/book for readers in one sentence?

KS:  Be careful what you look for!

SW:  What does Paranormal Galaxy Magazine mean to you?

KS:  It is an amazing compilation of paranormal information with something for everyone who has a paranormal obsession.

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