Interview with Alan Cox Paranormal Galaxy Magazine Editor-At-Large

Interview with Alan Cox Paranormal Galaxy Magazine Editor-At-Large

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It is interesting how certain people make their way into your life. Over a year ago I reached out to Alan Cox about booking author Jack Heath on his radio show, Understanding Spirit.  Jack went on Alan’s show and then Alan and I lost touch. After the interview, Jack and Alan started corresponding and then Alan was invited by Jack to come on his radio show New Hampshire Today and since then Alan has been a regular weekly guest.

So how did Alan and I reconnect? Jack and I were talking about my luxury magazine, Luxe Beat Magazine and how it has been a huge success. Jack said, “Why don’t we do a paranormal magazine?” and well, that is how Paranormal Galaxy Magazine was born. Jack recommended that I get in touch with Alan to see if he would like to be involved and he was thrilled to jump in and join the team. He has been a treasure. It’s amazing how many wonderful people he knows in the paranormal community. We talk several times a week and he always seems to know what is going on with me. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to play poker with this guy, he could read my poker face with his eyes closed. He really does have a gift.

Alan is a renowned psychic investigator, along with his partner Anne. They have helped hundreds of people by clearing unwanted and evil presences from their homes and businesses. He has also been given the gift of healing. His connection is natural, and has been developed by himself with the guidance of God and the Guides. He has in spirit Dr. David Ingles, who works psychically through Alan to perform surgery when necessary. He is also a renowned clairvoyant. If you’re in need, he can help you to find your true spiritual path in life.

To introduce Alan to our readers, we’ve done an interview. We hope you enjoy getting to know Alan, as much as I have.

How did you first encounter the paranormal world?

In 1996 my partner Anne and I went through a very traumatic time in our life together. At this time we had not been awakened to our spiritual path. However, we were aware of a presence in our home. One day when Anne was at home alone, she felt herself being pushed downstairs, which resulted in Anne breaking her wrist.

Obviously something had to be done about the situation. After watching “house busters” on Channel 5 TV, we called in David Ashworth who appeared on the programme. David cleared the house of ghosts. We formed a good friendship with David. This enabled the Guides to open the channels so that I could begin the important work that was and still is awaiting myself and Anne.

How did your paranormal experience change your life?

From this event I was opened up to my spirit guide by David Ashworth. It changed my life completely.  I spent the next four years trying to understand what I was doing with my life, I changed my job three times within those four years until I realized I needed to leave employed work and follow my spiritual path.

How did you first deal with your abilities after you found out?
I just accepted and embraced it. The only difficulty for me was discovering how to use it to the benefit of others.

What are you most passionate about with your work as a healer?

I cannot just list one thing; I am equally passionate about clearing demons and other bad energies from people and being able to help people with their ailments through healing and psychic surgery.

Has there been any time where your psychic ability attracted unwanted attention or criticism? How did you deal with it?

When working in the spiritual field it is inevitable to attract criticism and unwanted attention. There will always be people who think badly of the type of work I do. I ignore it as much as possible; not that it happens very often at all. However on two occasions over the years that I have been doing my spiritual work I had to get the police involved to stop the persons in question sending me hate messages online. In both occasions it was shown I had done nothing wrong and the two separate individuals had mental problems. They left me alone after this; and I hope they now are getting on with their lives in a positive way.

What would you say to people who aren’t psychic and have misconceptions about psychic abilities?

Nothing; it isn’t possible to get anyone to believe. It is something we have to experience ourselves; then we know the truth.  Individuals who are meant to know; will.

What advice would you give to a psychic who just discovered their abilities?

You have been awakened to the spirit world for a reason. You will discover that reason as time goes on. Embrace it and use your connection wisely. You are on YOUR journey, no one else’s. Listen to others and take from it what fits with you but do not follow anyone; be your own person. Believe in your own connection.​

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