ILLUMINATE Film Festival for Conscious  Cinema Returns to Sedona

ILLUMINATE Film Festival for Conscious Cinema Returns to Sedona

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The groundbreaking 2014 debut of the ILLUMINATE Film Festival has solidified its stature as the industry leader in the conscious film festival space. Debuting May 2014, the Festival’s attendance reached nearly 3,000, attracting an audience from 23 states and 6 countries . Featuring celebrity luminaries Deepak Chopra, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, Betsy Chasse of What the Bleep Do We Know!? and many others, ILLUMINATE’s wildly successful inaugural installment boasted 4 world premieres and 7 US/Southwest premieres, and featured the world’s first Conscious Film Convergence for key film industry players. The 2015 Festival is slated for May 27th through May 31st in Sedona, AZ.

According to ILLUMINATE Executive Director Danette Wolpert, “Given the overwhelming success of our inaugural festival, we are uniquely positioned to become the “Sundance of Conscious Cinema” – an exhibition and launching platform for transformational, mind-body-spirit-themed films.” She adds, “We are dedicated to expanding consciousness through cinema and are pioneering the concept of immersive movie-going, where attendees can participate at unprecedented levels, sparking opportunities for long-lasting transformation.”

Illuminate Film Festival

Wolpert is no stranger to the independent film festival scene. She has served as the Associate Director of the Miami International Film Festival, Director of the Washington DC-based Screening Room and consultant to both the Washington and Sedona Jewish Film Festivals.  Before festival life, Danette was a Senior Management Consultant for Ernst & Young and worked in production for Ted Turner Pictures..

ILLUMINATE, touted as “The Best of Conscious Cinema”, was a launching platform for films such as AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, which told the unconventional biography of the legendary East Indian mystic who introduced yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s (The film has topped theatrical box office numbers in the spiritual film genre nationwide) and Song of the New Earth featuring the work of sound alchemist Tom Kenyon. It also resulted in a distribution offer for the 2014 Director’s Choice Award Winner When My Sorrow Died: The Legend of Armen Ra & the Theremin, and resurrected the irresistible 2010 documentary May I Be Frank, which is now re-booking screenings and companion workshops.  For a full recap of the 2014 event please visit:  2014 Illuminate Film Festival Recap 


ILLUMINATE curates content that meets the “Conscious” film criteria categories such as Wellness, Spirituality, Healing, Sustainability and Environment.  It features narrative features, documentaries and shorts in the mind-body-spirit genre, including inspirational human journey stories and themes related to mindfulness, self-discovery, body-mind science, yoga, meditation, spiritual practice, organic and plant-based food movements. According to Wolpert, “We define conscious cinema as films that hold human beings as sacred rather than expendable and encourage audiences to ponder their existence more deeply than their daily routines.”


The 2015 Festival will feature 4 days, 3 venues, 22 films, and 25+ expert facilitators, practitioners, healers, performers, musicians, speakers and new thought leaders. A pioneer in immersive movie-going, ILLUMINATE offers a ground-breaking Reel Healing series, a View and Do experience pairing films with world-class immersive workshops, events, performances and panels to enable the audience to deeply integrate the movie’s message. These include meditations, sound journeys, red rock hikes, energy sessions, drum circles, ecstatic dance workshops, on-stage Q&A’s and conversations with filmmakers and stars, and more, ultimately providing a full transformational experience unlike any other.


The Conscious Film Convergence, is dedicated to establishing conscious cinema as a viable business sector within the independent film industry, forging ties between key stakeholders and extending the conscious cinema movement into a global phenomenon. Leading conscious filmmaker, distributors, and other like-minded film, media and brand professionals will convene for dialogue, education, networking and creative visioning with the intention of elevating the world’s collective mind, body, spirit and environmental consciousness through cinema. The event offers panel discussions, social receptions and creative brainstorming workshops surrounded by the most compelling conscious cinema of the year.

The 2015 ILLUMINATE Film Festival is scheduled for May 27th31st.

All-Access Passes are available at an early bird price until April 20th. To purchase, visit

The full slate of 2015 films, events, panelists and workshops will be announced on April 1st.

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