The Hidden Blessing in Psychic Attack

The Hidden Blessing in Psychic Attack

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Low Level Psychic Attack

Psychic attack is commonly associated with fear and hysteria and quite understandably so. The experience is usually debilitating and can knock a person out from a period of days to years depending on the seriousness of the incident and when it can be identified as an attack.

Most people are exposed daily to psychic attack, but these less focused psychic parasitic energies can be cleared quite quickly. If you feel drained, experience different emotions than usual, feel tired when you wake up, have a feeling that life is getting on top of you, you may be a victim of indirect psychic parasitic attachment.

These energies float around the ether looking to attach to a host. If they come your way, you may be aware you’ve picked something up or it may go on for a while harvesting your energies.

These particular low level attachments aren’t conscious of what they are doing. You are just an interesting snack for them. We aren’t talking about conscious entity attack here. These attachments are only driven by instinct to feed.


They generally are present in harsher energetic environments like pubs, hospitals, police stations, prisons, football stadiums, etc. What may be surprising is that you can also pick up these entities from watching television or surfing the net. They can enter your experience through your router in your home or your mobile phone.

There is a general detachment from nature in the western world. People have become conditioned to live in cities and in so doing, have become more mechanical in their approach to life. The organic, spontaneous, natural processes of life have been sacrificed at the altar of modernism and are fundamental in the lowering of what you could call ‘spiritual hygiene’. The old ways of living, that celebrated Mother Earth and boosted our health and protected us in days gone by, have been purposely sidelined in the name of modern development.

This lack of awareness of detachment from nature over time has led to weaknesses in our energy systems that make it easy for lower vibrational entities to make themselves at home in our energy field.

Psychic Attacks are a Blessing?


Why I say psychic attack is a blessing is because it resets our motives for why we sacrifice our core health and so begins an awakening to the fact that we have willingly forgotten ways of curing ourselves, for the sake of ‘modern’ living.

So you could take it further and say that in our forgetfulness we have created an epidemic of psychic debris that feeds on our weakened energy systems and our energetically unclean environments support this.

As well as a good doctor and dentist, it pays to have a good healer /energy practitioner who can often see the not so obvious, in your situation.

How to Protect Yourself

The situation sounds out of control but there are many ways that these incursions can be prevented by what may seem to be obvious strategies.

  1. Get back into nature. Spend time grounding yourself in the forest or a nature walk. Be in a garden and sit and enjoy the visible ecosystem. Just be outside from the electromagnetic smog that could be your home or office.
  2. Eat as healthily as possible. Go as organic as you can, avoiding genetically modified food. Drink a good amount of clean water daily.
  3. Exercise when you can and when you can’t create time for it. Why not combine a nature excursion and exercise if time is tight.
  4. Meditate, or if you can’t meditate, pray, or take some quiet time to centre yourself. Just be with yourself for a while. Try to hear what you are trying to tell yourself.
  5. Read a feng shui book and introduce energetic harmony in your home and working space. This is very important to balance your living and workspace, as you spend much time there.
  6. Add a little zip bag of pink Himalayan or good sea salt under your internet router. This is a little less obvious but will really stop these energies gaining access via this route.
  7. Think about what entertainment you watch on TV. What vibration you are allowing into your experience?
  8. Steer clear of Internet porn sites. These are major psychic parasite pick up points.
  9. Avoid fear porn from the news media.

As well as the above points, general body and energy maintenance can be practiced with great benefit. Salt baths with pink Himalayan or good sea salt once a week is great revitalization. Fasting, detoxes, colonics, massages and energy healing, to name a few therapies that can be very supportive to your daily life.

If you have children it is very important to be mindful regarding energy cleaning. Your little ones are easy food for these parasitic entities as children are energy dynamos. I will cover this issue in my next article in Paranormal Galaxy.

Most importantly if you feel that there is something wrong and you can’t sort it out yourself, reach out for help.

It’s a lot harder to walk this path alone.

To read the Paranormal Galaxy Magazine version click on the title The Hidden Blessing in Psychic Attack

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