Healing Animals

Healing Animals

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One of the most satisfying and rewarding things to be able to do is to help an animal in distress. They find a way to show their gratitude in a way that transcends the spoken word. This world of ours would be a poorer place without them; they can show us the meaning of life in their own unique way. They have no hidden agenda; what you see is what you get from them; be it aggression, fear, fear usually causes the aggression, self preservation, caring, undying love and affection. So when an animal shows any of these emotions they really mean it. I have had the good fortune over the years to have been able to help many animals; mainly cats, dogs and my favourite; horses.

There are a couple of instances that readily come to mind. My sister in law Lynne Compton had a lovely horse named H. He has sadly passed away now.  He was a Dapple Grey Belgian Warm Blood cross country hunting horse; on one of the country pursuits a twig went into and lodged into his left eye causing him to lose his sight in it. This happened before Lynne rescued the horse that was no longer wanted by his previous owner because he couldn’t do his duties has before. H was greatly loved by Lynne and had the best attention that was possible to give him. He was kept at a good stabling yard and Lynne attended him at least twice every day spending quality time with him. The one day when she was riding H he went down a small hole in the field at the stables and damaged his digiflex tendon in the left back leg. This is the tendon in the ankle that controls the hoof; when this happens depending on the severity of the damage a horse sometimes as to be put down because the horse can’t support itself on its leg and it will not heal. An operation can be attempted but there is no guarantee it would be successful and would cause greater stress for the animal.


Knowing that I heal people through spirit Lynne asked if I would go to the stables and see if healing/psychic surgery would help H. She was not going to give up on him. So I went along to the stables with Lynne to see if he could be psychically helped. H was a lovely gentle horse and he seemed to sense that I was there to try and help him. I entered his stable and said hello to him saying that I would try and take his pain away to help him walk. Now horses can be unpredictable and I was aware that he might kick out with his hind legs if he didn’t like me touching him. I needn’t have worried; he stood perfectly still for around half an hour allowing me to gently put my hands around his ankle. I was sitting on the stable floor to the side of him; I could feel the energy through my hands going into H’s ankle. There was a strange feeling of things (that’s the only way I can describe it) inside his leg being moved as if tendons were being mended and/or being repositioned.

When the surgeon in spirit had finished his work on H; I felt my hands being released from H’s leg; up until then they seemed glued in position to allow the work to be done. I got up from the floor feeling stiff thinking perhaps I needed healing myself to recover from sitting in the same position for that length of time. I went round to H on the side of his good eye and said to him that I hoped that would help him. What happened next was so beautiful; H swiftly moved his head round towards me just stopping short of the side of my face then so gently put the side of his head against my left cheek and held it there for a little while. This was his way of saying thank you. I felt emotional at this point, that H wanted to show how much it meant to him.

Has time gone by and with strapping on his lower leg for extra support H was able to lead a fairly normal life. Lynne’s days of being able to ride H had obviously gone; the risk to him would have been too great. He was left with a weakness there however he wasn’t in any obvious pain. He lived happily for another 15 years after this episode  in his life.


Around the same time has helping H a lady called Jayne who lived in Worcestershire contacted me having found out about me from a friend of hers whom I had given healing to. Jayne owned four horses and was a successful horse jumper; she travelled the country competing at all the major show jumping events. Her favourite horse; an Apache had hurt his left side in a freak accident in his stable enclosure; also Jayne was recovering from a fall off one of her other horses. I seem to have an affinity with horses; I gave healing by gently placing my hands on the horse’s side that just stood perfectly still all the time I was doing it. When I had finished the horse did exactly the same thing that H had done; his head came round towards my face very quickly then stopped and gently rested the side of his head against my cheek leaving it there for several moments before giving out a loud neigh. Jayne said to me that she hadn’t witnessed anything like that before in all her ten years of being involved with horses. She asked if I could help her with her left arm; it was causing her discomfort after the last time she had broken it falling from one of her other horses. She said that she had broken the same arm four times all told in the same way falling off horses. It was now difficult for her to ride anymore and couldn’t lift it above shoulder level because of the pain. I took hold of her lower arm just above her wrist; moments later I Jayne and I felt great movement in her arm. All the bones in her arm were moving very quickly; it felt like they were being realigned back in position. Jayne said that the feeling was not of pain but relief; as if a great pressure was being lifted. This went on for about two minutes or so when the movement suddenly stopped. I released Jayne’s arm; I said “how does that feel now?” She held her arm with her other hand and said that it felt light and pleasantly normal. She lifted her left arm right up into the air above her head with no effort at all; then rotated it around with ease. I had never experienced anything like that before feeling bones being knitted back into place; it was quite surreal. So I had two happy customers; the horse and Jayne. I didn’t hear from her again so I assume she managed to stay mounted on future outings on her horses and didn’t break anymore bones.



For a number of years Anne and I regularly attended on a Friday an indoor antiques market in the market town of Leek in Staffordshire which lies 40 miles north of our home. We had a stall there selling jewellery and crystals. Every week as well as first time visitors to the market we would see the same faces coming in to see if the stall holders were offering anything new. Two of these people we got to know by having a chat to each time they visited; they were mother and daughter Joanne Hayes and Kerri. Anne and I learned that they were great animal lovers. Jo rescued unwanted cruelly treated Greyhounds and Kerri rescued race horses that were going to be put down for no other reason than they were not earning their keep for their racing stables. Both their husbands supported them in their quest to help as much as they could within financial bounds. Kerri said she had just taken delivery of a mare she had named Nyella. Kerri has a friend who lives in Ireland who runs a rescue charity for unwanted horses; she was told by a stable girl who she knew that this particular horse had been badly treated and had witnessed it being beaten when the mare wouldn’t do as the owner wanted it to. One of the main causes for the beatings was the horse’s reluctance to go into a horse box for transport. It was due to go for slaughter when Kerri’s friend stepped in and bought the horse to save it. During a phone conversation between Kerri and her friend the friend told Kerri about this particular horse; straight away Kerri agreed to have the horse and arranged the transport to bring Nyella over to England. Kerri went over to Ireland to oversee the transportation. When they came to load the Nyella into the horse box it was obvious that she was terrified; Nyella kicked out violently and raised herself high into the air to stop her being put into the transport box. It took over an hour to eventually get her loaded; they had to wait until the horse ran out of stamina and then were able with some gentle persuasion to get her in the box. The journey back to England was quite traumatic for the horse; it took nearly two hours to drive to the ferry port then there was the half hour wait for the ferry to sail. Kerri had tried to time it that there wouldn’t be a long wait at the ferry terminal so eliminating as much stress as possible for Nyella. Kerri daren’t unload the horse for exercise in case she couldn’t get her back in the box again.  Ferries don’t travel fast so it took two hours for the crossing to Holyhead on the isle of Anglesey which is fortunately adjoined to the mainland of Wales by two road bridges. Then there was another long road journey of about four hours to Kerri’s stables on the outskirts of Leek. As you can imagine by this time Nyella was not a happy horse, Kerri and her husband took the trailer into to exercise field closing the gate behind them; then unloaded Nyella taking care not to get kicked in the process and then let her run manically around the field for quite some time to get her frustration released from within her. After about two hours she had settled down to grazing so Kerri took the opportunity with the help of a couple of other horse owners at the stables to take her kicking all the way to her new stable pen that was to be her home. A month had passed and Nyella was beginning to settle in but was still somewhat aggressive; on one of Kerri and Jo’s visits to the market Kerri asked if I would be able to go to Nyella to see if healing would help her. I agreed to go and see what could be done to help and so four days later I drove up to the Stable yard to meet Kerri and Jo there for me to help Nyella.

I entered the stables passing horses on either side that were all very inquisitive to see a different face enter their space; horses are very nosey creatures and a lot more intelligent than some people realise. I arrived at the stall; fourth on the left where Nyella was. She looked up to see who had come to visit her; Kerri said she would enter the stall first to keep her calm the best that she could. Now has I have stated earlier horses are my favourite animals even though I love all animals; however I would be lying if I said I had no fear of them. They are large imposing animals that could do you a lot of damage if they were a mind to and I wasn’t sure of Nyella knowing her history and how badly she had been treated by other human beings. Kerri had closed the stall gate behind her to stop Nyella making a dash for freedom which she had done before; upon Kerri’s invitation to enter the stall I slowly opened the gate so as not to startle the Mare. Kerri moved to the front of Nyella and I went to the left hand side of the horse. She had a problem with her side and rear quarters; I gently put both of my hands on to Nyella’s side and rested them there to allow the healing energy flow through me from the doctor in spirit into Nyella. I could feel the tenderness inside her; the energy from within my hands was pulsating through into her; at first all was well Nyella stood there still; Kerri was talking to her; reassuring her that all was alright. Then suddenly Nyella swung her head round and nipped me quite hard on my left arm; even through my coat that I was wearing it hurt. That was not going to stop me helping her; Kerri thought I should leave the stall for my own safety but I had this strong felling that I should continue which I did. Now I was expecting more trouble from Nyella; but no she seemed to realise then that I was trying to help her and she didn’t bite me again although she obviously wasn’t comfortable with the situation. Dr Ingles who is in spirit kept my hands firmly stuck onto Nyella for another ten minutes or so until he had finished his work. Kerri and I then left Nyella to recover from the experience.

Sometime passed; about three months when Kerri got in touch with me to say that from that day with Nyella she calmed down rapidly; her aggression had gone almost immediately. Kerri said she thought she would wait a little while to be able to see the overall improvement in Nyella. She said that Nyella was interacting with the other horses there in a positive way and showed no sign for concern; the vet had attended Nyella and could see a remarkable improvement in such a small amount of time from her severe injuries caused through continual beatings. Also Kerri had moved stables to another yard and needed to transport Nyella by using the horse box trailer, she was expecting a hard time again like she had when bringing Nyella over to England; but no she went into the box with ease; no kicking or rearing up or neighing; she just followed Kerri in and stood there waiting for the trailer to be moved and when they arrived at her new home she just gently backed out of the horse box and went into the field to have a look round at her new surroundings. All is still well for Nyella; Kerri says that Nyella is now enjoying life.


A few years have now passed and Kerri and her mom Jo have kept in touch through social media and just a few months ago before starting to write this book I had a message from Jo asking if I could help her three rescued Greyhound dogs especially Lily who had been especially badly treated by her previous owner; she had been beaten on her side and it hurt her to lie down. Now usually when a stranger arrives at a house with dogs there is a lot of barking and commotion not so at Jo’s house. She let me in and I went through to the living room to find all three greyhounds lying down on their beds with no interest in who had entered the room. Jo said that the dogs had been like this since she had owned them. They had been rescued at different times and the dogs had just accepted each other. Lily was lying on her left side, the side that was alright; however she looked uncomfortable, Jo said that Lily wouldn’t let a man including Jo’s husband near her; it was because her previous owner; a man who had beaten her on a regular basis. Lily was a grey flecked coated Greyhound who looked tired and fed up with life. Jo said she would hold Lily for me to try and help her; but there was no need; Lily just lay there; I talked to her telling her I wanted to make her pain go away. She seemed to understand and let me gently put my hands on her good side so the healing energy would go through her body to heal the other side that was hurting her. After about thirty minutes the healing was over and Lily got up wagged her tail and went over to Jo for a fuss. Jo said she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen for her own eyes how Lily had allowed me to touch her. I thank Doctor Ingles for his calming influence he had on Lily and the work he performed on her. When Doctor Ingles had completed his work there was a visible improvement in Lily’s demeanor; she had a twinkle in her eyes now that looked empty before.  Now while the healing was taking place the other two dogs; Eric and Gem were just lying there on their beds it seemed with not a care in the world. It was Eric’s turn next to experience the energy boost from doctor Ingles through my hands. I shuffled on my bottom over to him and said “hello Eric can I place my hands gently on you please; just here on your back?” he had raised his head has I went over to him with curiosity on his face and then has I spoke these words to him put his head back down on his bed and let me get on with it. Eric is a lovely quiet soul; a black and white shiny cared for coloured coat; he had been through a lot in his life and now was enjoying some quality time with Jo caring for him. He let me touch him for about fifteen minutes or so then suddenly got up and walked over to Jo has if to say that’s enough now.

I then went over to Gem an all black laid back greyhound that in all fairness was not in need of a lot of help; she seemed the one of the three dogs that was alright; however Doctor Ingles gave her some energy through my hands to help her a little more. The whole session with the three dogs lasted for about two hours all told and all three greyhounds are doing well. Lily’s side has recovered and is no longer in pain and Eric and Gem are full of vitality in their own laid back way.

Images provided by Gareth du Plessis, ab70579, and Andreas Krappweis.

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