The Guinea Pig Diaries: Part Three

The Guinea Pig Diaries: Part Three

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In this month’s episode of the Guinea Pig Diaries is the follow on part of the third chapter “My New Home”. Henrietta Harriet is learning how to cope with the Bengal in the household and the other challenges that are surfacing. She is determined to win through and gain the total love and affection of her human, but first she has to learn how to manipulate and control the Bengal to gain the dominance she wants.

My New Home

I decided to take a back seat in my relationship with my human. I didn’t want to anger or make the Bengal jealous. Penny had told me that Poppy’s pedigree name was Raysun Fudge. I had never heard a more embarrassing or stupid name than that! My human always called her Poppykins or Poppy Popsical. Really! I could think of names that were far more suitable for her, but they were all very rude!

A few days after being introduced to the Bengal, she stood by my hutch in the garage, making strange faces. I wondered what was going on, until I heard her thoughts in my head. What a strange experience that was. You expect to hear someone talking to you with your ears, but no, her voice was inside my head. The Bengal was talking to me using thought transference and I found I could also send my thoughts back to her. It was a great way of conversing. Unfortunately, she only wanted to order me about and dominate me, like she was dominating my human. The first thing she said was, ‘‘I am a pedigree Bengal and as an F7 Bengal you have to know your place. You are never to call me Poppy, my name is Raysun Fudge.’’ Really, she was so snobby in those early days, I was at the end of my little tether.

I didn’t know what an F7 Bengal was, so nervously, using thought transference, I asked, ‘‘Exactly what is an F7?’’ I was being daring and a bit irresponsible asking Raysun Fudge such a question.

She took great delight in boasting, ‘‘An F1 has the Asian leopard as its parents and is extremely dangerous and a lot bigger. The F2 has the Asian leopard as its grandparents and the F3 has the Asian leopard as its great grandparents. And so on.’’

This knowledge made me look at Raysun Fudge in a new light, and I thought, ‘You are not as dangerous and powerful as an F1, so I might just have a chance to trick you into submission.’ I felt I was in a precarious position, but it was imperative I got to know this Bengal and find out its weaknesses if I was to end up holding a special place in my human’s heart. I had to be able to manipulate and befriend this animal before I fully understood Penny.

The Bengal had been with Penny for the past eight years and in those eight years there had been no other animal brought into the house to challenge its dominance and control. When I say control, I mean control. In order to control Penny and her emotions it sprayed pee everywhere and anywhere, ruining Penny’s furniture and carpets, if it didn’t get its own way. But unbeknown to the Bengal, I saw a way into Penny’s heart and affections that this animal in its dominance had completely overlooked.

The Bengal was aloof and detached, it demanded love and obedience, but gave nothing in return. It had been a breeding Queen for the first five years of its life and that could explain the lack of affection it gave Penny. I could see Penny craved the love a normal cat would give her. She wanted to pick Poppy up to cuddle her, but the Bengal in its aloofness would not allow that physical contact and if rules were breached, the punishment was pee sprayed over the nearest object! Studying this odd behaviour from the Bengal, I could see my way into Penny’s heart forever and I loved and relished every moment that Penny picked me up to cuddle and kiss me. I always responded in a very loving way, purring loudly and licking her hand. I was a very responsive and willing little guinea pig.

Bengal Cat looking up

Due to my hutch being in the garage, I didn’t have much to do with the Bengal in those first three weeks. But I saw an awful lot of the Dark Human Shapes, who used to trip Penny up when she came into the garage. They would knock over the bag of guinea pig muesli and try to knock my bowl of muesli out of her hand, so she would have to sweep up the mess. I couldn’t understand why they were doing such stupid things. Why were they trying to annoy and upset my human? One of them used to whisper things in Penny’s ear when she was cuddling me or cleaning out my hutch. They were telling her to do bad things and suggesting that bad things were going to happen to her. I was shocked and I didn’t like their behaviour. Penny couldn’t see them and I wanted to protect her, but how could I do that while I was also dealing with the Bengal? It was becoming far too much for me, I was just a little guinea pig, but I knew I had to protect my human.

I often thought, ‘Why did I have to come into a household like this? There must be normal households out there somewhere.’ But loving Penny as I did, I knew I had no choice but to help her find a way out of this situation.

After three weeks of being in the garage, Penny bought me an indoor cage, which she placed in the lounge next to the patio doors. I loved looking outside and seeing all the birds and squirrels in the garden. I was fascinated and spent hours watching them on the bird table eating the nuts, seeds and other goodies Penny put out for them.

The Bengal was furious I was in the house, she hadn’t liked seeing me in the garage, and now I was in the house that was even worse in her eyes. I wasn’t too worried about the Bengal at that point, but I would have been, if I had known what she was going to start doing. I was more worried about the Dark Human Shapes in the lounge and the kitchen. I had thought they were only in the garage, but in here their foul scent was stronger and sometimes I had to stuff hay up my nostrils to block out the stink. Penny used to laugh and say how cute I was, so I got into the habit of stuffing hay up my nostrils just to make her laugh. I didn’t really want to make that a permanent feature of my desirable self, so I tried phasing it out, a day at a time.

I watched the Dark Human Shapes everyday and realized the only reason they were here, was to upset Penny. I was cross with them and I wanted to get rid of them more than I wanted to get rid of the Bengal. I tried shouting abuse at them but they ignored me and if I squeaked too much, a dark hand would come through the bars of my cage and hit me from one side of the cage to the other, not a nice experience. I tried to ignore them after that.

There was something else floating around the house that had not been in the garage, a massive white Glowing Being with wings. This was a strange household and I was worried about my sanity living here? Would I go insane? My last human had not had any Dark Human Shapes or Glowing Beings in their house or the pet shop.

I watched the Glowing Being trying to restrain and stop the Dark Human Shapes, but it was an impossible job and in the end he had to change tactics and protect Penny by wrapping his wings around her, so she couldn’t hear their whispers. This also meant they could no longer trip her up or get her to drop things.

I was in awe of this Glowing Being and after I had been in the lounge for two weeks he introduced himself to me, ‘‘Hello Henrietta Harriet, I am the Archangel Michael.’’ In my squeaky guinea pig language I asked him what an Archangel was and he seemed to understand what I was saying, because he answered. ‘‘An Archangel is a celestial being who is working for the Creator of our Universe, some people know the Creator by the name of God or Allah or Jehovah. There are many other names for the Creator, it just depends what religion a human follows.’’

I looked at Archangel Michael, and decided I would call him Mike for short and I told him that I believed in God and his son Jesus, and how I had prayed asking them to get Penny to come back and rescue me from the pet shop. Mike laughed, and said, ‘‘You are an intelligent little guinea pig and I know you are worried about the Dark Human Shapes in the house and the garage, they are Demons and they can be very dangerous, but don’t worry, I am here to help Penny. I am sending her telepathic messages to encourage her to find professional help to remove them.’’

I looked puzzled. I didn’t know what telepathy was and Mike said, ‘‘Telepathy is the art of sending a thought from my mind into the mind of Penny, she will then hear that thought in her mind.’’
I squeaked, ‘‘That’s how Poppy and I talk, but I call it thought transference.’’

‘‘Well done, I can see you are a very spiritually advanced guinea pig to be able to converse with a cat in that way.’’

I was overwhelmed with emotion, Mike had said I was a very spiritually advance guinea pig. I felt puffed up with pride and importance and decided I had to ask Mike about the Demons. ‘‘Why are the Demons in Penny’s house? My last human didn’t have any in their house or the pet shop.’’

‘‘Demons are evil beings that work for the devil and only a black magician, who works on the dark side, can conquer them up. They came into Penny’s life when she was having healing from someone. This person had been healing people for years, not to help them, but to get into their lives to steal from them. Penny is not the only one that person attached Demons to. Did you know that Penny even has Demons inside her car? They have caused her to have accidents and one of them has been working on her engine to cause breakdowns and oil leaks. These Demons can change shape whenever they want, at the moment they are choosing to take on the human form.’’

I was upset and I wanted to know how I could help Penny. I loved her and didn’t want her to have such evil things in her house. Mike said, ‘‘All we can do is wait for her to understand the messages I am sending her, so she will seek human help to remove these Demons and to remove the influence of the healer, who is still draining her of energy and infiltrating her dreams to send her messages to cause her to make the wrong decisions in life.’’

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