The Guinea Pig Diaries – Part 8

The Guinea Pig Diaries – Part 8

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In the last episode, Henrietta Harriet was watching the demise of the Demons in her mind. Archangel Mike had given her the gift of second sight, just for the day, and she was watching the psychics Joe and Joyce defeating the Demons. It was like watching the action replay of a film. She was excited, and decided it was better than watching a horror film on television.

The psychics Joe and Joyce were in the hall, they were here to defeat and kill the Demons. I wondered how a middle-aged couple had the power and strength to defeat such dangerous and nasty entities. I was shocked when I realized they did not do the fighting, it was the angels they materialized who did that. I had just watched them summon an angel with barbed wire wings, who had defeated a huge witch in black tattered rags, but now their path was blocked by hundreds of Demons.

Joe whispered to Joyce, and this time I saw another angel materialize. This one was tall and silver, and each of its ten arms ended in a knife, no hands for this angel! The Demons danced around the angel screaming, and threatening what they would do to him when they dragged him into the depths of hell. He stood tall and majestic, ignoring their taunts and threats. One of the Demons tore his chest open and disappeared inside. The others followed, screaming and laughing as they entered the open cavity, their voices echoing in a strange muffled way. The angel’s body looked like a large vibrating jellyfish, as more and more Demons disappeared inside his chest. He was having trouble standing still, and I could see an internal struggle going on as the Demons pushed their bodies downwards inside him, and tried to drag him through the floor into the hellish realms below. The Demons were putting pictures of hell inside his mind to break him down, and I could see the terrible tortures being inflicted on the people down there.


Mike said, ‘‘If only these people knew they were dead, they could stop the torture and go on to heaven to be with God and his angels.’’

‘‘They don’t know they’re dead?’’ I had never heard anything so awful. I had to shut the film off, as it was too horrendous to look at. I just hoped witnessing such terrible acts of violence would not permanently damage my guinea pig mind.

‘‘When some people die, they think they are still alive, and their spirit leaves their body to carry on with normal day to day life. They wonder why everyone is ignoring them and why no one can see them. Unfortunately this leaves them open, and vulnerable to Demons who want to drag them down to hell. If they won’t accept they’re dead, the angels can’t take them to their rightful place in the spirit world. We have to wait until they realize they are actually dead, and ask for help.’’

I was amazed that things like this actually happened, and while I was trying to take it all in, Mike nodded for me to look at the film again. The angel’s body was now half way through the floor and he was so distorted with all the demons inside him, he was unrecognizable. I thought that he looked as though he would burst; he was so bloated.

I shouted, ‘‘This isn’t a record breaking moment for the Guinness Book of Records to see how many Demons you can get inside your body. Kill them you idiot!’’ I think he might have heard me, because his ten arms stuck their knives into his body, and the Demons howled and screamed as they were cut through and killed. I put my manicured feet over my ears to cut out the blood curdling screams, but the sounds were in my head. Covering my ears made no difference.

I looked at Mike, who was still stood by my cage. He wasn’t getting involved in the fighting, which I thought was cowardly. I said, “My spell is working, they’re being defeated.”

Mike smiled, and nodded his head. Why did I get the feeling he was pacifying me? It was my spell doing this. I knew it was, because I saw the sparks flying out of the feather after my incantation. Mike could be so annoying sometimes. Archangel or not, he was a real nuisance. I had to put up with him though, because it was Penny who invited him to live with us, and not me. Mike was right; she would never ask him to leave. I was stuck with his annoying ways. I wanted to get Joe and Joyce to clear him out of the house, but somehow I had the feeling they would refuse to do that.


I watched Joe and Joyce go from room to room, clearing away the unwanted Demons. When they were on the landing the healer appeared in his spirit form. He looked furious, and I wondered how his spirit could be here when he was alive, and not dead. Then I realized that he must have separated his spirit from his body. He was staring at Joe and Joyce as if he wanted to kill them, and then he started walking towards them with his arms outstretched.

I shouted, ‘‘LOOK OUT!’’

Joe turned, and as he did, the healer pushed them both, trying to make them to fall over the banister. They struggled to keep their feet on the ground. Then I saw a short fat angel appear out of nowhere, and lift the healer off of the ground and put him feet first into his mouth. He chewed noisily and licked his lips as he devour every last bit of the healer’s spirit, and when he finished, there were puffs of black smoke coming out of his mouth.

Joe turned to Penny, and said, “The healer’s spirit has been stopped from leaving his body, so he won’t be able to visit you or anyone else again in his spirit form. His healing ability has also been taken away from him.”

The remaining Demons were cowering in the corners of the bedrooms trying to hide. The angel with the silver barbed wire wings removed them, and sent them to the light. ‘‘Why send them to the light?’’ I asked Mike. ‘‘They should be going to hell to be tortured, as they have tortured others.’’


‘‘True Henrietta Harriet, but we do try to rehabilitate these offenders. When we kill them, they are reborn into the light, and given a chance to work through their problems and change, which they normally do. Our life is far more preferable to them than the stink and heat of hell.’’

Joe and Joyce went into the garden to remove the Demons hidden behind the trees and bushes. These Demons were cross that the healer had lost his healing ability. Some of them screamed, “You’ve taken away his power to heal and manipulate, and for that we’ll punish and kill you!’’

Joe stood his ground and laughed. “Come on then, see if you’re a match for the spirit guides and angels that protect me.”

They all flew at him, boasting how they would kill and maim him. He didn’t move, he just stood there laughing. I thought that he must be mad, laughing when so many Demons were flying his way to kill him. But what happened next shocked me to the very core of my guinea pig bones.

The Demons hit an invisible force field surrounding Joe. They screamed awful, twisted screams as they were electrocuted, and their bodies twisted and distorted. Their screams pierced my ears, and I was convinced I could feel the pain they were experiencing. I wanted to shut my eyes and turn the pictures off, but the screaming and the pictures continued. I made a mental note never to get on the wrong side of Joe, who calmly walked around to the front garden and removed more Demons. Surprisingly, they didn’t bother to put up much of a fight.

I saw Joe telling Penny that there were four Demons in her car – one in the engine, and the other three sitting on the back seat, hoping to get her involved in a fatal crash. That explained the three oil leaks that had put her car out of action. There were also four Demons on top of her car. I wondered how they had managed to hang on, the way Penny drove. They should have fallen off a long time ago. On the few occasions I had been in her car, I had been subjected to terrifying speeds. I thought back to when my ex-human used to drive my brother and I to and from her pet shop. I could tell Penny’s driving left a lot to be desired.

After Joe cleared the car of the Demons (by sending them screaming into the light to be healed and taught a better way of living), he said to Penny, “The damage done to the engine will be irreversible.” Penny was upset, and when I saw her tears I wanted to comfort her.

When everything was completely cleared, Penny took Joe and Joyce to her mother’s house. I wasn’t interested in what would be going on there, so Mike took away my inner sight. I must say; I was relieved it was gone. It had been a very upsetting and exhausting day. I lied in my bedding house with Tintin, dreaming of sleeping for 24 hours. I wasn’t sure if I could go without food for that long, but it would be worth a try.

I did manage to sleep for 9 hours, and when Penny fed us, I wandered out of my bedding house all bleary eyed and looking like hell. She sat me on her lap, feeding me cucumber. She told me about the Demons in her mother’s house, which the healer had placed there to ruin their relationship. Joe had also discovered that there were Demons in Penny’s place of work, which were meant to cause her problems with her work colleagues. No wonder things had been going so badly for her. I felt sorry for my human, and wished I could have come into her life sooner, to save her from all of these problems.

Guinea Pig Cucumber

After the clearing, the change in Penny, and in all areas of her life, was miraculous. She was much happier, and had more energy to carry on with her daily life. I hoped that that was the end of her problems, but I didn’t have a crystal ball to see what was going to happen in the future. If I had known what was going to happen, I may have packed my bags and escaped…taking Hamlet with me of course. I couldn’t live without the love of my life.

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