Is it a Gift?

Is it a Gift?

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Everyone has the ability to “tune” into others if they listen to their own inner voice, but how many of us do? Why are some more “in tune” than others? It’s because there are those who are chosen by Spirit, before they arrive to pass their word on to the many. The experiences I have had have left me in no doubt that there is a “Spirit World”, and the messages that they give can guide and help us to live better lives.

I have served so many churches, and have done many private readings, which have resulted in profound information for the recipient. I honour that gift and use it in as responsible a way as possible. But, it takes its toll on me, because I want to help so many. Some come because they want to know who their next boyfriend is going to be, and others come because they sincerely want contact with someone in the Spirit World. As a Medium, I see and hear information I sometimes do not want to be privy to; yet I must honour the person in need who has come to see me. So I have to use diplomacy and responsibility, and pass the message on in the best possible way. Some people live their lives going to see Clairvoyants because they want some miracle cure for what is happening in their lives. But, I try to dispel that thought, and get them to realise that they have it within themselves to make changes.


Over the years, I have spent so many hours in service to Spirit and have often wondered why I was a “chosen” one. Sometimes the responsibility has weighed heavily on my shoulders. As a very young girl, I could “see” and “hear” Spirit, and I was spanked for telling lies and “imagining” things. So when abnormal happenings were around me, I chose not to acknowledge them, for fear of being rebuked again. As I aged, got married, and had children, the knowledge of Spirit started again.

My ex-husband and I ran a busy newsagent’s shop. We sold newspapers, cards, sweets, crisps, and had 23 Newspaper rounds. These rounds delivered the papers to each household, and we had over 1500 accounts on our books. With a 12-hour day, and 3 small children, there wasn’t much time in my life for “spiritual” activity. The place where we lived was two very old cottages knocked into one. The shop was on the front, the living quarters at the back, and above the shop. 


I would often see an old woman at the top of the stairs, and my youngest daughter would sometimes comment on this lady’s presence. I did not dismiss her – I just told her that the lady was taking care of the house, because she had once lived there many years ago. I always called this lady Mrs. Lammas; I seem to “know” her name. Much later I did some research, and found they had been Nailer’s Cottages – these were used for making nails and the family was called Lammas.

One day, when I was sound asleep, when the bed started to rock. At first I thought it was my husband coming to bed, but the rocking persisted. I opened my eyes to see the old woman at the foot of the bed. I sat up, and asked her what she wanted. She said for me to be out of there (meaning the premises, I assumed) and I would be, she emphasized, before 12 months had passed. I was alarmed, and wondered if I had dreamt it all. I was very unhappy during this time. I thought this lady was a figment of my imagination, and dismissed this occurrence.

At this point I was “seeing” and “hearing”, but had not attended a Spiritualist Church; so I was a little afraid of these frequent happenings around me. It wasn’t until a friend who lived close by asked me to attend a church with her, that I found I was not going crazy, and that this sort of thing happens to others as well! It was a revelation. My Uncle was in the Spiritualist Movement and he had told me many years before that I would continue his work. I laughed when he said this and told him, “My spirits are in bottles, and I wouldn’t have the nerve to stand up in front of others.”

Although I attended the Spiritualist Church often, and became involved with the Circle to “further” my “gift”, I knew it was an impossible thought that I would be able to become a Medium. Much later, I would tell pupils in the development class I ran that, “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will arrive.” The lady who ran the Circle saw that I had potential, and encouraged me to go forward and join the Novice scheme at the Spiritualist National Union. I did this for 12 months, which led to me serving churches around the UK for the next few years.

Working at the shop at the same time became more difficult, and we had to move (my thoughts went back to when Mrs. Lammas had told me within 12 months I would be “out of here”). The move was traumatic, but I was able to get comfort from the many messages I had received from the Rostrum during this time. One such message had told me that the Spirit World was helping me towards the time that it would be possible to work on the Rostrum, and be in the right place doing the right thing. I did not set out to become a Medium. I have followed a path that was very unstable at times, but eventually led to me using this wonderful gift to help others. Most Mediums do not seek fame and fortune; acknowledgment from the Spirit World is all that they crave.

Light through trees

Is it a gift? Well, I think so. I am in awe of this gift, and have faith that what is meant to be, will be. But, there are stumbling blocks; we are only human beings, and cannot be everything to all people. It is an impossible task to try to help the many. A recent illness has stopped me in my tracks, but the message from my spirit guide told me to rest, and they will tell me when to presume my work. Sometimes we must accept that which is laid before us and not fight.

I have taught many people who have gone on to be healers or Mediums. I have put together all of the information from my teaching syllabus in a series of six books called Encyclopedia of Spiritual Development which are available on Amazon and my website. When I was learning there was so many questions left unanswered, I just wanted to put the answers all together, and cover as much information as I could to inform and advise others who were starting out on that journey. Trust me, if you have the gift, and you are a chosen one, Spirit will help get you to the right teacher and the right place; nothing is coincidental.

Image courtesy of Pam Brittan

Image courtesy of Pam Brittan

The “gift” needs dedication and trust. Be aware that you have the “gift”, but you have forgotten how to use it. Do not be afraid! Your journey has marvels as well as rocks, but ultimately, having the gift will change your life. GO WITH IT!

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