David Ashworth and The Emerald Heart

David Ashworth and The Emerald Heart

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By Sherrie Wilkolaski

Who is David Ashworth and What is The Emerald Heart?

We live in a big world with billions of people in it and occasionally you come across someone who is extraordinary and you ask yourself, “Why have I never come across this person before?”

David Ashworth is a Visionary; a trailblazer, philosopher; an original thinker and doer and a leader in his field, as well as an author with several spiritual books to his name. He is someone both of this time, but also ahead of it in many ways. The Emerald Heart is a spiritual light for the evolution of human consciousness that was given to David in January 2005. He formed The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment shortly after to share the teachings that he was given.

In a series of interviews, we are going to speak with David and get to know something about his life and work.

David, where are you from and what kind of upbringing did you have?
I was born in north Manchester in the United Kingdom to a fairly ordinary, but hard working family, who had the drive and enthusiasm to get on in the world. That is probably where I get my work ethic from; it must be in the genes. (Laughs). I went to fairly ordinary schools, not grammar schools, and my senior school was a church school, not that that meant much to me in terms of understanding either the church or religion. I don’t think I was over intelligent or even smart and certainly didn’t fit in very well with the others. I sort of went to school because I was sent there and didn’t really question why, not that I could have opted out of it. I did reasonably well, but nothing outstanding. In fact my school report usually said, ‘Could do better, but doesn’t apply himself.’ Well, how many times have you heard that about people who ultimately did quite well in the world?

However, I was an avid reader. I used to keep a secret library under my pillow from a young age and would read until I dropped to sleep each night. I would read anything and everything. My mother told me that I could actually read before I went to school, around three years old and the written word has played a huge part in my adult life. When I was about 18 years old, I was the buyer of food supplies for a hotel and one day I went to a ship’s stores to make some purchases. The manager was a young chap around 22 years of age and once we had collected the supplies, he sat at a typewriter to make out the invoice. I was fascinated, as in those days, the only people who typed were the girls in the office or typing pool. I had never seen a man type before. That afternoon, I went to a local store and ordered a Pitman typing manual. I knew that I just had to have this skill under my belt. In my early 20s I had the opportunity to learn how to be a typesetter and a few years later started my own typesetting business and then spent the next 20 years typing all day. Clearly the Universe was guiding me from that very first introduction to typing and I still love it, spending many hours a day communicating across the world with my fingers on the keys. Working with my old apprentice from the typesetting days, we have produced all my books together, just for the fun of it because we love type.

David, what did you want to do when you left school?
Well, I had no idea what I wanted to do. In fact, with a birthday in November, I had the opportunity to leave school a half year earlier than others, and so I left in the Easter at 15 years of age. I worked in a pub, then an engineering firm for about six months, then I was apprenticed to a commercial artist. I have no idea how that came about as I had no artistic talent whatsoever and so I left that after about six months of getting nowhere. I then left home and moved several hundred miles away and worked as a builder’s mate, gaining some interesting life experiences along the way, until ending up more or less running a small hotel. I literally drifted into any opportunity that came my way. I guess I was a personable guy and so people offered me jobs, but I had no drive or desire to be or do anything in particular.

Did you have any early spiritual experiences?
No, in fact nothing at all. However, I always felt that I had some kind of close connection with Jesus the man. I would chat to him whilst driving the car and in many other ordinary daily life situations. I would just chat to him as you would a close friend. On several occasions I did actually think that I might like to become a member of the clergy, training as a priest. Something was calling me from an early age I think, but it wasn’t the church, as I didn’t seem to understand most of what was happening in their services and having been to a church school I had attended a lot of church services and always found them a real struggle from the perspective of total and utter boredom.

Many times I initiated conversations with friends, asking them what they thought God was, or did they believe in a God. I remember clearly one night with friends, when I was about 25, feeling so full of the energy of life that I said to my friend, “There must be more to life than just living, for how can we contain so much energy, which is literally bursting out of us?” Of course, Kirlian Photography can photograph this life-force these days, but back in the 70s there was not much in the way of scientific evidence for the electro-magnetic make-up of what we are.

Rather than having any early spiritual experiences, I was so afraid of anything of a psychic nature, that I would not even read my astrological profile in the daily newspaper. With my knowledge today, clearly I had suffered some difficult experiences on the spiritual path in previous lives to have come into this life with a brick wall between myself and anything of a psychic nature. Yet, I did have a fascination with crystals, having bought my first amethyst when I was about 12 or 13, and had also read books on chakras in my late teens, so clearly something was bubbling. I definitely had an awareness of the Gurus of east.

So When did things begin to open up for you spiritually David?
In hindsight, I can see how the universe was preparing me, as with the typing for example. As a younger man, I was perhaps a little brash and dismissive of others – I had a lot of lessons to learn – because I was so focused on life and absolutely full to bursting point with the energy to live life to the full. I also had quite a strong ego. Well, part of the preparation was in the Universe choosing to help me smash the ego and in my mid-twenties I had a serious breakdown, essentially through burning the candle at both ends and in the middle too. I lived life to the max and on the edge, always pushing the boundaries, as it were. I reached a point where something had to give and slipped into a psychosis and began to hallucinate. It was a horrendous time where I thought I had lost my mind completely and began to experience the fine line between every day sanity and not being able to function at all through being overwhelmed with fear and panic attacks. It took me ten years to recover and in that period I completely lost my old personality and my ego into the bargain, coming out the other side a much more thoughtful and considerate person, as I rebuilt my life.

Again, in hindsight, I discovered that what the universe put me through was a massive learning experience to do with understanding the aura. After my awakening, I was dragged kicking and screaming into becoming a healer. As my vision expanded, I could see that what I had actually experienced was not so much a breakdown, but a totally destroyed aura, but through careful self- management and a bit of assistance, no doubt, from upstairs, I managed to get myself together again over that ten year period. By then I was around 35 years old, married and with two children, running my typesetting business. The next massive blow to my life followed about three years later when my awakening began.

Perhaps you will tell us something about that next time David?
Yes, I would be delighted to. Thank you very much.


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