Chen’s Spiritual and Psychic Teachings

Chen’s Spiritual and Psychic Teachings

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Excerpt from Chen’s Spiritual and Psychic Teachings by Andrew Porter, Psychic Surgeon

Image courtesy of Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Image courtesy of Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Spirit guides

A Spirit Guide can be described as an entity or energy that remains disincarnate and acts as a guide, facilitator and protector to a living incarnated human being. The difference between Spirits and our Spirit Guides is that our Spirit Guides do not attach to the aura in the same way and drain our energy like negative Spirits and entities do. These are parasites which ultimately affect our health in a negative way, rather like a flea attached to a dog.

Higher astral beings are working in the light for the greater good of humanity and are here to help and guide us. They provide an invaluable source of healing and help.

I know when my guide “Chen” takes over my body (for up to 45 minutes at a time) when I am working with my clients I never feel tired afterwards. Quite the contrary. I am stiff, as he does not move much, but certainly not tired and drained as is the case with attachment.

The primary function of our own Spirit Guides is to do exactly that – provide guidance to us on a level that will encompass our Spiritual development and align with our soul’s desire and path for this life. Our Spirit Guides know what we wanted to achieve in our physical life when we incarnated into our physical body, and also have access to our Akashi record (which is the record of our souls development) and so provided with this information, they can guide us though the

challenges in our lives to help us try and achieve the key goals we set ourselves before birth.

Many Spirit Guides are either family or friends we have had in past lives who have agreed to work with us in this life, but they can only provide us guidance. We
must learn to develop our connection to them and give them our permission to work with us on a day to day basis. They will happily stand by and watch when things go wrong in our lives, or we struggle with difficult situations, since they understand the bigger picture and know we are always learning something even if it may be very difficult lessons to accept. Many people are unaware of that inner voice that can be developed and worked with on the physical level. Our Spirit Guides communicate with us on many levels but use our sleep time to work with our subconscious mind. This is why many people wake with strange dreams and also ideas that seem to come out of the blue. They use telepathy, clairaudience to communicate with us as well as clairvoyance when we meditate. Some people find they are more at ease with pictures – others are happy with direct telepathy into their mind. For me I found hearing was easier but also at times ask my guides to show me pictures as this can be a quicker method to describe something.

We seem to attract different Spirit guides at different times in our lives, and they all come with particular areas of expertise. Some of the areas different guides will help us with are healing, Spiritual development, emotional issues, and past life Karmic debts that need to be repaid.

The way we work on Planet Earth is to name everything, and for us this makes the concept easier to understand. Most people have a name they assign to their Guide, that way when addressing them we can ask them directly to communicate with us. Naming our Guides also makes it easier for us to relate to them, as we see them as a physical person in our mind’s-eye. Our guides can present a picture of their features for us to see using clairvoyance.

My Spirit guide “Chen”

I was first introduced to my friend and Spirit Surgeon “Chen” during my Reiki 3 attunement. As the day came to completion, and I was receiving my last attunement from my Reiki Master, she looked up and said ‘’you now have a new Guide with you.’’ ‘’His name is “Chen” and he will be working on your healing and Spiritual development.’’ At the time, I had been talking to my previous Guide and felt somewhat reluctant to let that Guide move on and start building a relationship with another one.

At some point later in meditation “Chen” explained to me he would be working with me for a while and would start to practice trance channelling with me. This would take time, he said, but would develop a very strong and confident bond between us. I was more than happy with this concept, but even so it still took 9 months of weekly practice before “Chen” was able to align his vibration to mine, and take over my physical body in a trance like state and move around, also speaking. Many a night my wife Jayne would sit on the sofa and I would allow “Chen” in for a chat with her. Some of these sessions lasted for hours, and Jayne became very friendly with “Chen”. It turns out that they lived in a past life together and this was one of the reasons he helps guide us both today.

“Chen” shows himself to me as a small stature of a Chinese man, with a long pony tail and a long curly moustache. His last physical life was in 1624 and he lived in China with a small family. “Chen” didn’t have a particularly long life and passed over to Spirit when he was 43 years old, passing due to an infection. This is one of the reasons he was keen to develop himself as a doctor / surgeon as medical methods were always a fascination of his.

Chens channelling

As the title suggests, Spirit guidance is just the guidance provided to a human being from an external source that cannot be seen and fully understood.

As we have described in earlier chapters of this book, human beings are intelligent and complicated living organisms that exist in physical form on Planet Earth. They also exist in other dimensions of reality that they don’t fully understand, and this has yet to be verified by science. In time to come the human species will evolve and start to understand their existence in more granular terms but as yet there are few walking in physical form that understand and accept this viewpoint. There have been many in the past that have had an upgraded physical and Spiritual form that have access to other higher intelligence.

If we take a look back through the ages many seers have highlighted the concept that they could connect with these higher energies and could provide guidance and teaching.

Each religion testifies to the case that they have people that can connect to a form of advanced guidance and many books such as the Bible have been written by human hands with much information channelled by external guidance.

Unfortunately the original writers have long since passed from physical form and the information provided to them has been changed and corrupted by those who wish to control though fear.

On planet earth, fear is the lowest of vibrations and existing in a state of fear curtails guidance from external energies whether that be Spirits or extra- terrestrials working in a positive manner for humanity. Each and every human being has access to their own advanced guidance should they use their freewill and intent to connect in such a way. Guidance can help tune your life and provide peace and harmony to not just your own life, but also for those loved ones around you. As with all things, humans have freewill to connect in a positive way or if they so choose to connect to energies of a negative persuasion.

Channelling other ‘non-human energies’ has been done since the start of human civilization, and was also practised by large numbers of people in ancient times. In order to control people and provide a level of fear those that could and did channel found themselves the centre attention by society and also religion. Most were put to death, as when channelling became too prominent the government and religion would lose control of society and people in general.

Does it not seem odd that in most religions those that channel are thought of as special, and are used by the leaders to provide direction and obedience from their followers. However, connection to the same external guidance is never encouraged by the congregation of these religions. Since all humans can channel by default one would think that all those that say that they are talked to by external energies would actually encourage their followers to do the same. Through meditation Spiritual can be found very easily and this can complement your life very well. Your own Guides have been chosen by YOU before you entered into this particular life and their task is to guide you through your life as you yourself wish.

They do this by telepathic contact and if you are unable to connect when fully awake and conscious, then they will guide you and connect to your sub-conscious when you are sleeping. This is commonly done using images and thoughts in your dream state when the sub-conscious mind is fully aware of what is being presented by your Guide. Feelings and emotions can be altered to encourage decisions that your Guides wish you to make and this will always be working for your upmost highest will.

Your Guide’s job is to help weave your life in such a way that you learn the most lessons you can in the short physical life you lead. That’s not to say they will provide you with a lifestyle that is akin to a holiday – more a learning opportunity for your soul that cannot be gained but through a physical existence. Your Guides have entered into an agreement with you before you incarnate into this physical life and they will work tirelessly to help facilitate the synchronicity you need in your life to produce the lessons you yourself desire. Meetings of people and places do NOT happen by chance as many think, but are orchestrated by a conductor much in the same way as an orchestra achieves a consistent sound by bringing together a collection of instruments in a coherent manner to produce an individual melody and vibration of sound. No two musicians play the same instrument as each other and the conductor must account for this to achieve a wonderful sound.

Spirit Guides are doing the same job as the conductor.

They will never interfere with your life and they will only enter into dialogue with you if you initiate the connection with positive intent. Human freewill is respected and honoured at all times and if you wish to sever the connection, your Guides will be more than happy to back away and leave you as before you ever understood their existence.

When a human being requests a connection to their Guides, a party of sorts is played out on the Spiritual realm with the hope that the human being will slowly evolve and advance their understanding of their existence.

Inner peace and harmony can be found, which will remain at all times when a human starts to understand, and work with, their Guides. They quickly realise they do not ever walk alone and a friendly being exists with you at all times as a voice of reason and love. In time many will actually see these Guides as humanity evolves.

Image courtesy of ©Andrew Porter

Image courtesy of ©Andrew Porter

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