Cathy’s Story – Part 1

Cathy’s Story – Part 1

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Introduction to Cathy’s Story

Hi folks! I thought I would introduce ‘Cathy’ who, apart from being very gifted, also shares a deep-rooted connection to her previous life.

After suffering a head injury, her life is about to change, in a way many people may be able to relate to. Without spoiling the journey Cathy finds herself upon, I can tell you that the story is loosely based upon the paranormal effects that I have experienced so far, throughout my own life.

The story has been assisted via auto writing, which sounds very bizarre, yet the story flows, the inception of the story and the direction overlooked by higher spirit. There is not much more to say except, well, I guess I will wait for the comments that follow.

I hope you enjoy reading Cathy’s Story, and may your days be as bright as the aura that surrounds you. Be Blessed.

Cathy’s Story – Part 1 

Twas a stormy day in the midst of autumn, when Cathy was given the chore of tending to her uncles grave stone.

“Come on Cathy, you shall miss your bus.” resounded Cathy’s mom.

“Yes, I am on my way soon mom.” Cathy checks her bus fare.

“Okay, so Uncles grave is the 3rd row from the right…19 graves down, would that be right mom?”

“Almost right dear, but it’s 3 from the left. You will remember his name, won’t you?”

“Yes Ma…I will indeed” Cathy reaches out for her coat.

“Right, on my way Ma. The flower seller is always there on a Saturday you said?”

“Yes Cathy, Saturday & Sunday. Now hurry up, or you will miss the bus.”

Cathy makes her way to the bus shelter, clasping the bus fare.

“Stormy night we had last night Cathy…almost tore our roof off.” Said her neighbour.

“Oh, hi Mary. Everything is okay I take it?”

“Yes, just have to put another nail into Grandpa’s cap. Nearly lost it yesterday.”

Dark clouds

The bus arrives.

“All aboard Ladies.” Requested the bus conductor.

“My, it was windy last night. Almost blew me awake.” Laughs the conductor.

“I see it did not blow away your charisma.” sniggers Mary.

The two find a seat, and share thoughts of the night.

Whilst this bus trundles the route along Blighty’s “well” maintained highways, let me tell you about Cathy.

Cathy is 27 years old, and was scorned by those around her. In fact, she was declared a witch (not for casting spells, but for her insight). She could read people’s minds, and see the future. Way back, she was courting a similar boy. Everyone said they were soul mates. They had been together ten years, like Siamese twins, some had said. Until one night…

Carl (her boyfriend) was traveling back from a friend’s party. Cathy had begged him not to go, and said she thought she would never see him again. Carl laughed, and told her not to be so silly. Anyway, he was not going to be driving, and promised to sit in the rear of the car (as if). Cathy had numerous visions of Carl’s death, and she knew she could not change the circumstances (however she tried). So, that dreaded night came. Cathy received the phone call; her soul mate was no more.

Ding ding, the bell on the bus resounded.

“Ah, this is my stop. Bye Mary! Send my love to your Grandpa, and take care.”

“Will do sweetheart, bye Cathy.”

The Bus stopped. Cathy got off, and started to make her way to the cemetery.

Approaching the gate to the cemetery she saw the flower man.

Cathy tried to remember what her mom had told her; yellow carnations, nothing less.

“Good morning.” said Cathy. The flower man greeted her.

“Morning, brrrrr, it was cold and windy last night. How may I be of assistance to you?”

“A bunch of your finest yellow carnations please, Sire.” The flower man started idle chatter as he gathered the flowers.


“Ah, never seen you here before ma’am. Pardon my ignorance.”

“Oh, sorry, my name’s Cathy. I am here to tend my uncle Harry’s grave. Ma told me he liked yellow carnations.”

“Ah, okay. Yellow you say, there you go…that will be £3.50p please sweetheart.”

“Thanks. There you go.” Cathy said as she gave the flower man the change.

“For future reference, name’s Bob madam. Thanks.”

“Ah, okay Bob. Thank you for your service.”

“Was my pleasure…don’t forget to wipe the head stone dear.”

“Cathy looked startled. Eh, I wont, thanks again.”

Cathy made her way to the grave, remembering how her mom had corrected her.

She whispered, “Third row from the left.19 graves down. Ah, here he is. Good Day Uncle.”

Cathy started idle chatter as she tended to the grave. Remembering what the flower man said, she began to wipe the headstone.


“Pssst, pssst. Show me your love, and I will show you my heart.”

Cathy (startled) looked all around. She tried to figure out who was whispering to her. No one there, Cathy continued with her chore.

“Pssst, pssst. Show me your love, and I will show you my heart.”

Getting anxious, Cathy stood up. She couldn’t believe her eyes as a small tornado appeared, and started to clear a path amongst the fallen brown autumn leaves.

She rose to her feet once more, and started to follow the now cleared path in front of her. Whilst she walked this path cleared by the mini tornado, she became familiar with the route. Again, the whispering started.

“Pssst, pssst. Show me your love, and I will show you my heart.”

The whispering became louder, although no one was in sight. Cathy reached the end of the clear path, only to find the grave of her distant boyfriend. A lump came to her throat; and she began to cry. Gaining composure once more, she made her way back to the flower man.

“Back again Cathy?” asked the flower man.

“Yes, Bob. Could I have a bunch of six roses please?”

“Roses, you say? Looks like I go home rich today then Cathy.”

Bob, smiling, scooped up 6 fine red roses and said, “Someone special maybe?”

Red Roses

Cathy replied, “Yes, someone dear, and almost forgotten after ten years.”

“Well, at least you show your respect. That counts nowadays madam. £4.00 please.”

Cathy hands over the cash, and makes her way back to her boyfriend’s grave. Tearing up again, she starts idle chatter, and scorns herself for forgetting her Carl’s grave.

“G’day. You a relative of this family?” Cathy looks around, and falls to the ground.

“Hello, Hello? You okay madam? You fainted for a while. Here, let me help you up.”

Cathy regained consciousness. “Oh, Oh my…sorry, but you reminded me of someone…silly me.”

“Really? Oh, you mean Carl. Yes, we were identical twins; only, I was shipped to Australia soon after we lost him. Guess the grief became too much for us. I decided to return, and come visit Carl as a manner of showing respect and all. Sure do miss him. I saw his death no more than a week before, some kind of scary dream I suppose. Thought nothing of it, sure wish I had said something now. Just shows that sometimes these dreams carry a message. Sounds crazy I know.”

The stranger helps Cathy back to her feet. “Name’s Tom by the way, pleased to meet you. So, how do you know Carl then, may I ask?”

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