Cathy’s Story – Chapter 2

Cathy’s Story – Chapter 2

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Cathy brushed off the soil & dust…

“We were lovers for 10 years, but I do not recall him saying he had a twin brother.”

Tom laughed. “Really, he did not? Oh my, but that was Carl all over to be honest…we were split up at birth. Mom could not cope with all eleven children, so when we came along, guess she found it would be better to let one go. Grandpa & Grandma became my guardians, and then mom fell ill, and passed away shortly afterwards. We all ended up being fostered through to our teenage lives. That’s probably why you never heard of me, maybe?”

Tom helps Cathy brush off the dirt.

“There you go, as good as new. Yeah, shame we did not keep in touch, deeply regret it now.”

Tom teared up, and took a handkerchief from his pocket.

“Nice roses you placed here Cathy. I feel he enjoys your company today.”

Cathy stared at the head stone. “Yes, great memories I behold. He was a great person for sure; amazing insight, fantastic to be with.”


Cathy looked to the floor with slight embarrassment.

“We met each other at one of those awful college discos. We were celebrating our last completed year, exam results; you know the sort yeah?”

“Oh, Carl graduated? What the heck, what did he study, may I ask?

“Religion. Said he was going to change the way people saw through God’s eyes. I swear he is still working on this one.”

“I started to write what I believed he was trying to portray to all his pilgrims as it were.”

Cathy & Tom share a knowing smile.

“Maybe you would like to see how I have progressed with his work one day, Tom?”

“You know Cathy, I would surely like that. That’s a date for sure…so to speak.” Laughed Tom.

“So, shall we move on from this cherished place? Would you like to share a coffee with me? I know this quaint little cafe just a few hundred yards away. Don’t know why they call it the Egyptians cafe though. Goes over my head that one.” Laughed Tom.

Cathy & Tom make their way toward the main entrance of the cemetery.

“Good day Cathy, Tom. Enjoy your breakfast!” Shouted the flower seller.

Tom said, “Hey, how did you know my name, Bob?”

“Same way you knew my name.” Winked the flower seller.

Tom is bewildered at the outcome of the conversation, but just shrugged and carried on walking.

“Religion, that’s so not Carl. I feel. If he was I, I know he would be so dead against religion. I believe in God for sure, but I feel he did not want his life to be portrayed in so many ways. Too many religions; I guess that’s what I am trying to say. Anyhow, here’s the café. My treat.” Smiled Tom as he held the door for Cathy.

“Why thank you, kind sire.” Cathy smiled back at Tom.

Tom and Cathy make their way to the food shelves.

“Hi ya Cathy. Hi there Tom.”

Again, Cathy and Tom look at one another in amazement.

Tom whispers, “Cathy, do you know this place?”

Cathy shook her head with a look of amazement.

“Name’s Irene. How’s your mum, Cathy?”

“Sheeee’s very well, thanks Irene.” Cathy was still unsure of what was occurring.

“Okay, let me see. Bacon Baguette with Tomatoes and brown sauce for Tom. A strong coffee with three sugars; and Cathy, well, she wants a jam scone and a white coffee, with two sweeteners?”


“Okay, don’t be alarmed. It’s all we have left.” Irene whispered, “It’s been a busy morning here in pyramid city.” She smiled and walked away to prepare the food.

Tom started laughing. “Gee, how did you know? He remembered the flower seller. “Ah, never mind Irene, that would be cool, thanks.”

The two make their way to a vacant table in the corner.

“So, bit of a freaky day today. Still, breaks the ice I guess. But if she comes out here with a free pass to the local boys concert, I’ll swear I am in heaven for sure.”

Cathy looks at Tom, and gives a snigger.

“You know, you remind me of Carl. Even down to the strawberry birthmark on the left of your neck. Truly amazing day I am sharing.”

“Better not show you the rest of me then.” The two share a familiar smile.

“Seems people know me too well around here. But, I have just landed. I only know the cafe. Didn’t know her name, I am surprised she knows me in fact. It’s strange, very strange. Although, I guess I am a likeable person; or so it seems.” said Tom.

“Right, here we go young lovers. Enjoy your meal, and don’t forget to tip on your way out.” Irene smiled.

“Thanks.” say the newly assumed romantic couple.

“Ahhh, great coffee Irene.”

“Why thank you, Gallant knight of old.”

Tom laughed and looked at Cathy.

Cathy continued to eat the scone. “Hmmm, so very nice Irene. My compliments to the chef.”

Irene laughed. “Yes, he can be creative when he puts his mind to it. Next time try the Gateau – pure dream food.”

“Okay.” laughed Cathy. “Will do. Say, Irene, how did you know our names?”

The phone rings. “Ah, saved by the bell…be right back lovers.” Irene said.

“Talk about coincidence eh?”

“Nothing surprises me these days. Perhaps she’s gifted too, maybe?”

“You’re gifted, Tom?”

“Oh gee, well, I know you share a gift with Carl anyway. It’s the twin thing I guess. Sharing the same womb may have something to do with it…that, and my ancestor’s blood. Grandpa swore he was a Nordic messiah.” Laughed Tom.


“What? No way! A Nordic messiah?”

“Shhhhh,” said Tom, “I know it sounds crazy. He swore he had a kin spirit guide named Horus, too.”

Cathy spit out her beverage. “Oops sorry about that. You caught me off guard for a while.” said Cathy.

“Funny, Grandpa used to say that too.” Tom smiled.

“Okay you two, share the humour. I need cheering up. That was our lease agent; we have four weeks left before this place becomes a shoe market.

Grrr…just when we were making an income. Is there no justice in this world?” Irene said.

“You know, this place gives me the jitters. I swear it’s haunted with some spirit. We find food cleared away, chairs stacked on the table. It’s just so groovy really, saves me some toil. I just hope we don’t end up paying who ever it is. It’d cost us thousands.” Irene laughed.

“Gee, so what will become of the Egyptian cafe Irene? Will you find some place new?”

“Hmmm, I really don’t know, to be honest Tom. Recession has taken a beating on us. That, and the local places going to the wall, looks like we got a battle on for sure.” Irene sighed. “It just doesn’t figure how the government is handling all this stuff. What the hell are they thinking? Cuts here, cuts there. May as well close the government buildings for what use they are. I hear they’re going to cut the national health and police staff next. Beam me up Scotty, for I sure have had a belly full.” Irene said.

“Be a shame to lose this place, Irene. I think you should seriously think of new premises. Great atmosphere in here – seems so familiar, yet, I have never been here before. How did you know my name Irene?” Cathy asked.

“Well, food for thought on that one. Please excuse the pun. By the way, how I know your name, now, there’s a secret to be told. Nah, no secret, your mum comes here occasionally when she’s about town you know.”

“Ah, I see. Well, guess I had better be on my way. You coming Tom?”

“Yes, after Irene tells me how she knew my name. Well, Irene?”

“Ah, that’s too easy; for you look like a Tom.” Irene laughed.

“Okaaaaaay, guess that’s going to follow me to my grave. Oh, gee, sorry

Cathy. Was not thinking mate, please forgive my comment.”

“That’s okay Tom. Consider yourself forgiven this time.” Cathy smiled.

“You sure you aren’t already married?” Irene laughed.

Tom and Cathy made their way to the door, both saying bye to Irene.

“Bye now, come again soon you hear.”

Tom placed a £2 coin on the table.

“Thanks for your company Irene. Be back again, some day soon.” Tom smiled.

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