The Awakening

The Awakening

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In 1992 one of the darkest times for me was my father passing away. It took me a long time to come to terms with this. I used to, and still do talk to him in my mind. I found a lot of comfort in this. He visits me in spirit and often joins Anne and I in the car, he sits on the back seat with my daughter who is also in spirit. Caroline my daughter plays with my hair whilst I am driving. I can feel her wrapping my hair around her finger. I look in the mirror but my hair isn’t moving. It makes me smile. I know I have passed on writing about Caroline. This was my darkest hour losing her.

Then in 1996 events happened that was to change my life and Anne’s forever. I had moved in to live with Anne four years earlier on the Christmas the year my Father had died. We were making plans for the future, thinking about moving home together when strange things started to happen at home.

Anne had always been a positive person, however this changed. We both put it down to the start of the menopause. Men make lots of jokes about it, but there isn’t much to laugh about with it. It seems to me to be a cruel thing that most women experience.  Menopause makes women even more sensitive than they generally are. Whether this had a bearing on what was going to happen can be speculated upon. I think it did.

I was at work, Anne was alone at home; it was the middle of the day. Her account of the event that happened was she had gone upstairs into the bedroom and felt the need to lie down. After about thirty minutes she woke with a start; and went to go down stairs. Taking one step down she felt a hard push on her back which caused her to lose her balance. Instinctively she reached out with her right hand to grab the banister rail; it came away in her hand. She was sent gambolling down the stairs narrowly missing the telephone table in the hallway. Anne realised she had broken her wrist; although she felt no pain. She got a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer to help minimise the swelling. I arrived home from work at just before seven in the evening to find Anne sitting on the bottom step nursing her wrist. So off to hospital we went to get Anne’s wrist set and plastered.

A few days later Anne and I were watching television. A new series had started called “House Busters”; where psychics would go into people’s homes that were having similar problems to ours. We saw Dave Ashworth on the show and knew he was the person to help us. I called Channel 5 TV; they forwarded my contact details to David. He called us a few days later and made arrangements for him to come to our home to do a spiritual cleansing.  Little did I know that this was the start of my spiritual awakening.

The following week I called Dave, he invited Anne and me to his home in Manchester. I recall it being a lovely summer’s day in June. Oh yes, we do have nice weather in England, and it doesn’t always rain in Manchester.

Dave said let’s spend some time in the back garden; so with Dave’s partner Denise, we all went outside. We stood there talking, Dave turned to me and said “hold this coin/medal in your left had”; which I duly did. He said it had been charged with the power of Arch Angel Gabriel. I had no idea what he meant. Dave told me my spirit guide was called Ronaldo whom had lived over 400 years ago in Brazil. Dave spoke to me has if he was reading out a letter from Ronaldo. He said that Ronaldo and I had a life time of work to do together and he would contact me in a few days time. I was totally bewildered but intrigued by this; but then something monumental happened.

Dave said “holding the coin/medal in your left hand ask Ronaldo to show you yes”. What do you mean? I said. Dave replied “by asking you will be shown yes”. Well what happened next was mind blowing. I asked Ronaldo to show me yes; I then started to rotate. My whole body from top to toe started to go round in an anti clockwise direction, starting slowly then gaining speed until I was spinning like a spinning top. I did not lose balance; I was pivoting on the balls and heels of my feet. I have consciously tried to do this many times since and it can’t be done. I could hear Dave, Denise and Anne saying “what’s going on”, and “that’s impossible”. I then heard Dave say “Ask Ronaldo to stop!” I asked repeatedly; it seemed to take forever, but I did stop. Dave then said “ask Ronaldo to show you no”. I did and I started to spin in a clockwise direction just has fast has before. I then said to Ronaldo “stop!” I suddenly came to a standstill. I didn’t lose my balance; I just stood there quiet motionless. No dizziness just confusion to what had gone on. Dave said he was guided to get me to do this even though he had never before witnessed anything like it.

Three days later just has Ronaldo had said; he filled my head with thoughts of the kind I had never had before.

The predominant thought was you can heal; you can clear bad energies from people and places. My hands went red hot, they glowed. I wasn’t given much time for all of this to sink in though. Anne and I visited Clive her brother and his wife Lynne a few days after this happened. Of course what had gone on was the topic of conversation.

Lynne keeps horses at a stable yard and the next day she was telling one of the other women who kept a horse at the stables all about me. The woman said that her brother was going through a really bad time at home. He was in his early twenties and lived with his parents. They were very worried about him.

I was asked if I would go and see if I could help. The brother was being thrown out of his bed at night by an unseen force. He had been pushed against a wardrobe in his bedroom and the wardrobe had been pushed over on another occasion.

I said I would help if I could. There was no hesitation on my part. I felt no fear or apprehension about going to his home. I felt the strength of Ronaldo with me.

So my first spiritual work was to clear and free this family of this living nightmare that had been going on for years apparently.

Although the ghostly goings on were happening in the bedroom I found the demon hiding in their cellar. I felt its presence and there was a horrendous smell of rotten cabbages which I later found out is a call sign of demons.

I promptly got to work. Using my dowser pendulum I linked in with the help of Ronaldo my guide to clear this unwanted presence. The dowser spun round clockwise at speed just like I had at David’s home. I saw in my third eye this revolting creature being drawn to a bright light. My guide and others Ronaldo had enlisted to help were dragging and pushing it to the light. The demon entered the light and it closed up like a trap door never to return.

David had given me the pendulum dowser saying I would need it. He was so right.

The family had no further problems of that nature. Job done. What an introduction to the world of spirit. I felt a warm glow inside has if I was being told you will be helping a lot more people over the coming years. I thanked Ronaldo and the other guides for their help. Ronaldo told me that we were in a partnership. He couldn’t do the work without my energy and I couldn’t do it without the spirit guides energies.

This was just the opening up there was much more to come. The next experience was only a few days later. Word about what was happening to me spread quickly. Fred, Anne’s dad had told his neighbours. The next time we visited Fred one of his neighbours came round to ask if I could help her brother who was visiting her. He had colitis, he was frightened to go to a doctor. I went round to see him. I said “look I am not medically qualified; I have no idea if I can help and you really should go and see a doctor”.  He said “I understand that but it can’t do any harm you just putting your hands on me.” I was guided to hold his left arm; which he promptly said “the problem isn’t there Alan” laughingly. I said I know but that is where I need to touch you. Well the next thing that happened was he felt this massive clearing, healing energy from the troubled area. It was a great release he said. The energy travelled up and round to his left arm where my hand was. I felt it enter my hand and leave from the back of my hand.  He had no further problem.

I do not take any credit for this happening. I know and understand that it was God’s energy flowing through me and I am used has a conduit to achieve the positive results.

With all this happening I was confused to what I was doing with my life. I was frustrated and unsettled in my job. I had always been restless where work was concerned. I had never been out of work and always looked to advance myself with better paid jobs. I had been a salesman all my adult life. This time was different though. I was looking for something but didn’t understand what. I saw people in a different way. I have never been judgmental of anyone. I have always seen others point of view, but now it was as if I could see into their mind, even into their soul.  At work I could see the hypocrisy of colleagues’ words and actions. I changed my job three times in has many years. I was good at what I did and never had a problem being employed.  Each new position I got didn’t satisfy me. Sales managers demanding more from all of us salesman, even though sales were always improving. I thought to myself what is the point of this just to make shareholders richer. I am all for free enterprise but it didn’t seem important to me anymore.

By this time I had reached my 50th birthday.  I couldn’t stand working for anyone else. A lot of my jobs I had been self employed but always as an agent having to follow others commands. This was different; I needed my freedom, this is how I saw it. I had no great amount of money saved. I had always perhaps in hindsight foolishly spent what I had. Saving didn’t seem relevant; in my mind I would always have plenty of money because I always earned plenty of money. I was in for a rude awakening.  I started my own one man sales business. I travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles selling dart equipment to public houses and social clubs.

I was away from home all week and at weekends I had to cram in being with Anne, spending time with my children and restocking for the week ahead.  One of these weekends Anne said she wanted to go to a psychic event which she had seen advertised locally and thought it would help us both.  This turned out to be a major turning point in both our lives.

We went along to the event. Neither of us knew what we were doing there. It was strange; we knew we were meant to be there but why? Neither of us had a reading off any of the clairvoyants there. In fact neither of us had ever had a reading off anyone before. One of the clairvoyants got up from his table for a break. He walked passed us and briefly said to me “you will be doing this one day”. I was stunned. We left; we had only been there 10 minutes. On the way out I picked up a leaflet with the organisers name and contact details on. I said to Anne that we should buy crystals and jewellery and sell them at events like this.  Anne agreed; so I sourced wholesalers and the following week we had bought a load of stock. I never did things by halves. Straight in there was my motto.

I had been in touch with the organiser of that psychic event we had gone to. He said we could exhibit to sell our crystals etc at his events. We did so every weekend at different locations up and down the country; doing reasonably well.

At one of these events in Bristol; the same clairvoyant was there. He came over to me and said.  My name is Michael Smith, my wife Lesley and I are putting on our own event you need to be there and give spiritual readings to people. I said yes. I was excited and nervous. Anne and I went along. Anne had her crystals for sale there. I had a table that was all.  I had no table cloth, no sign and no tarot cards. I only had my dowser pendulum. The event opened at 1pm. I kept has far away from my table as possible, too nervous to sit there in case someone came up and asked for a reading from me. There was no hiding place. Lesley came up to me and said there is a lady over there who wants a reading from you.

Lesley had been talking to the lady whom had been asking whom she ought to go to for a reading; Lesley had thrown me in at the deep end. This was going to be my first ever reading that I had given to anyone. I had had no practice; no dummy runs with family or friends; this was it.

The lady and I took our positions at the table; I forgot all about my dowser pendulum in my pocket. I looked the lady in the eye; then all this information began pour from my mouth. I had no control over what I was saying.

This is as close as I can remember the words I said “You have always wanted to start up your own business but your husband has always said that you can’t afford to. You can but he doesn’t want you to; you are both well off. That isn’t why you are here today, this morning you have just found out that he has been having an affair with your best friend whom is also your next door neighbour. You will be moving home; however it will be only temporary you will be moving again very shortly. You have made the right decision”.

She looked at me in amazement; then a big smile came on her face.

She said to me “you are right we could afford to set up a shop for me to own and run”.

She then said to me “Thank you Alan, yes I have just found out about their affair. I have been into the estate agents and put down a deposit on a house that is empty to move into, just from the pictures that they were advertising. You are right it will only be temporally; I just have to get away from them both”. She got up from her chair still with a smile on her face. “I know I am doing the correct thing, thank you again”. The lady left the room with a spring in her step. That was my introduction by spirit to show me I had a connection with them; if I had any doubts at all, they were now gone.

That was my awakening complete, what was to follow over coming years was and still is remarkable.

To read the Paranormal Galaxy Magazine version of this article click on the title The Awakening

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