Another Installment of the Guinea Pig Diaries

Another Installment of the Guinea Pig Diaries

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Last month I gave you the first half of the second chapter to read so you could get an insight into guinea pig Henrietta Harriet’s background and how her personality developed, she is outspoken, domineering and manipulative. When I found her in a pet shop she was being kept in a box in a cupboard, something she was not happy about.

After July’s article appeared in Paranormal Galaxy Magazine,I had a lot of people who wanted to know how Henrietta Harriet got on. They were curious to find out if she had acquired that much needed human, so this month, I have included the rest of the second chapter The Box and the start of the third chapter “My New Home”. You can follow her story every month in Paranormal Galaxy and see how her life develops.

I have finished writing the first book in the series of The Guinea Pig Diaries and I have written over hundred pages of the second book Henrietta Harriet’s Guinea Pig Clinic. I have sent a submission to an agent and will have to wait eight weeks before I receive a reply.

The Box, Part II

My human hurriedly placed me in the cupboard and slammed the door. I shrieked and shrieked in despair, but there was no response. Where had I gone wrong? My mother, who used to affectionately wash my ears, had shown me how to groom myself ready for the pet shop and a new owner, so where had I gone wrong?

Hours later, I was still lying on the floor of my box which was now wet with tears, then I heard the front door of the shop open and then a few minutes later someone asked about my brother. I was deeply depressed and vaguely heard someone ask, ‘‘Have you got anymore guinea pigs? I really wanted a girl.’’

The door of the cupboard creaked open and I hurriedly composed myself and put on another type of grimacing look. I heard my human say, ‘‘Don’t blame me if you don’t like what you see, she’s an awkward guinea pig this one, that’s why I keep her shut away. I can’t have her frightening all my customers.’’

When my box was put on the counter, I saw the lady look inside and say, ‘‘What an unhappy little guinea pig, she seems to be frowning.’’ My human grunted and the lady continued to stare at me.

I tried to make my face look even grumpier but instead a huge smile spread across my lips and I forgot all about being grumpy and foul mouthed. I had looked into her eyes and seen and felt that this human was special. I knew that this was the one, this was my human and no one else’s human. When she picked me up, I felt the warmth of her hands and I made sure I didn’t pee on her or let any stray pellets pop out. I was my normal starved of love self and I cuddled into her purring with delight as she held me closely. I hid under her long hair and smelt her perfume, filling my lungs with her smell. I held onto that smell when I was put back into my box, it would help me survive until she came back for me. We had bonded and I heard her tell my soon to be ex-human that she would think about buying me.

I knew she was my way out of that box and the dark gloomy cupboard and each night before I fell asleep, I would kneel by my bed of hay with my paws clasped together praying to God and Jesus for the lady with long dark hair to return. In the intervening two weeks before the lady rescued me for good, I saw in my guinea pig dreams that she had been given a good quality wooden hutch that had been used for a rabbit. She took it home, cleaned it up and then made plans to come back to rescue me. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to be taken away from this horrible life.

My brother was sold the week before the lady came back and I should have been put in the cage, but I was still in the cupboard in that box! I spent a whole week being cross and moody and trying to bite anyone who was foolish enough to pick me up. My owner was threatening never to let anyone see me again! What did I care, I was waiting for the lady to come back and claim me as her own. I cheered up considerably when she came back into the pet shop and asked about me. My soon to be ex-human, carried my box out of the cupboard and I saw money change hands. The lady took me out of the shop in that awful box and I hoped I would soon be put in the posh hutch I had seen in my dreams.

It was wonderful to be outside and feel nature all around me, I smelt the air and felt the fresh breeze on my hair as she carried my box. I could hear the birds singing in the trees and I envied their freedom to go wherever they wanted. I used to see them in my ex-humans garden when I was with my mother and I had longed to get out of the cage to watch them soar into the sky.

As the lady carried my box she told me that her name was Penny and that my name was now Henrietta Harriet. I looked up at her as she talked and I tried to look intelligent. I wanted to understand everything she said and be her closest companion. When we reached her car, Penny said, ‘‘It won’t take us long to get home.’’ And she talked about the hutch she had got for me and all the things we would do together. I listened intently to everything she said and I tried to take it all in. It was all new to me and I was so excited to be out of the shop. I was bubbling over with happiness and joy, and purred as loudly as I could to let her know how happy I was. I decided I loved Penny and I was working out in my head all the charming ways I could entice her and make her love me more than any other animal.

When we got to Penny’s house, which was bigger than the shop, I noticed it smelt of food and sweet scents I had never smelt before. I could also smell another animal and

I hoped she didn’t love it like she would love me. I kept looking at Penny in an appealing way and she seemed to respond to my efforts. I had lots of cuddles and kisses and was put in my posh new hutch in the garage. The garage had different smells, I recognised the smell of boxes and dust and there were other smells I didn’t recognise, harsher smells that I didn’t like. Her garage was attached to the house, so she kept popping in to check on me and I was very outgoing and friendly, going up to the bars and greeting her each time she came to see me. Not for me the scurrying away and hiding, like some guinea pigs I have since met. I wanted to make friends and impress. I wanted to be loved, like no other guinea pig had been loved before. I wanted freedom, friends and good food. I didn’t know then that there was so much more to life than I could possibly imagine and I was about to find out exactly how good life could really be, but first I would have deal with the darker side of my new home.

Guinea Pig

My New Home

Being the beloved pampered pet of an overgenerous human is a wonderful experience for any animal, but especially for me with my early weeks being spent in the box. I felt so special and so loved. The only draw back, I soon discovered that I was not Penny’s only pet. The animal I had smelt in the house was a cat and I was introduced to it after being in the garage a few days, ‘‘Henrietta Harriet this is Poppy.’’

I could tell Poppy resented my presence in the house. I couldn’t understand why, but to be truthful, I resented Penny having another animal. I was supposed to be her only and most important pet. This cat was a lot bigger than me. It had long legs and a long tail and I tried to smell its bottom but that made Poppy mad, anyway, it smelt foul, not like the smell of us guinea pigs.

This cat was a Bengal and let me warn you, a Bengal is not like a ‘normal cat,’ not that I knew much about cats at that time, but I have since learnt a lot about that breed of animal. A Bengal is a frightening thing for a little guinea pig to deal with, they are manipulative, territorial and single minded in the way they go about getting what they want. This Bengal was a possessive brown spotted creature, who resented my presence in what she considered was her house and garage.

I have since found out that the Bengal is a cross between the Asian leopard and the domestic cat, which produces a very selfish and extremely intelligent animal, who will work out a strategy to wear down the resistance of their owner. They weigh up their owners personality and manipulate their weaknesses to their own advantage. This Bengal was far more devious and cunning than I could ever be and I would have to be one step ahead of this animal. I wracked my little brain, wondering how I would achieve dominance over an animal like this. My forward planning would have to be well thought out and meticulously executed. It would be a formidable challenge to overcome and dominate a Bengal. My only thought at that time, was how? How was I going to win my way through this situation? I had to be the key pet, the most important and pampered pet. How would I win this position with the challenge I now faced?

Bengal Cat

Images provided by Andreas Krappweis

To read the Paranormal Galaxy Magazine version of this article, click on the title Another Installment of The Guinea Pig Diaries

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